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Casper Drug Addiction Problem

The city of Casper has a population of 54,047 people residing in its territory. Casper is located in the eastern part of the state of Wyoming covering an area of 24.3 sq miles below Casper Mountain. It was dubbed The Oil City due to its historically large amounts of oil and the building of the Salt Creek Oil Field. Casper claims the county of Natrona all to itself as it is the sole city in the county. It is also the next to the largest city in the state. Casper uses I 25 as its primary route of travel in and out of the city. The city currently has issues with a number of drug concerns that are threatening to destroy this beautiful piece of Wyoming.

One major concern is that of heroin. This drug is not new to the community either. It actually was a problem for many years but the seriousness of the matter was not brought to attention until recently. The purity of the drug and the availability is what makes it so dangerous. Additionally, people have begun to mix this dangerous drug with other drugs causing a deadly combination. It is the direct cause for much of the drug addiction in Casper Wyoming.

Heroin comes in many forms. It can be snorted as a powder or injected with a needle depending on the purity of it. Because it is not always necessary to inject the heroin, young people feel more comfortable with using it. They feel as if it is not as dangerous or as addictive as when injected if they snort it. This has led to a younger generation of users and added to the Casper WY drug abuse statistics.

Many times when an addict is trying to get off heroin, they start using methadone. This is a man -made opiate and often a substitute for heroin. Although, this is not a good way to get off heroin. The more someone uses methadone, the more of it they need to get high from it. It is also much more addicting and potent with stronger withdraws.

Methadone is known to grab hold of the user and not let go for many years. For instance, a user can have cravings long after they have quit using. This is because traces of the drug stay in fat tissue and is let into the bloodstream as they are burned such as during activities like stress or sweating. This is what makes methadone much more dangerous than heroin itself and therefore should not be used to quit heroin.

Narcotic abuse statistics in Casper WY show that heroin use increased during the years 2005 and 2006. There were 136,000 users in 05 and 338,000 in 06. Statistics further show that 91,000 people who had first tried heroin were around 20 years old. Additionally, 74% of heroin addicts have gone to rehab on multiple occasions.

Rehab centers fight to keep the Casper WY drug addiction down. With advanced treatment and a full staff of dedicated professionals, they are able to take a stand in the battle with drugs.

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