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Drug Abuse Statistics in La Crosse

La Crosse is the county seat of La Crosse County. It lies in the State of Wisconsin alongside the Mississippi River. It has 50,902 population and it is the principal city in the La Crosse Metropolitan Statistical Area. Of late, spurt in the number of cases of drug addiction in La Crosse Wisconsin has been seen.

The rising drug abuse statistics in La Crosse WI point toward the rampant abuse of drugs and other intoxicants. It is sad to see a number of youngsters wasting their lives smoking and consuming drugs and intoxicants in La Crosse. This is evident from the rise in the incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction in La Crosse Wisconsin.

The incidence of substance abuse in La Crosse Wisconsin has been increasing due to the popularity of marijuana, MDMA, and meth among the youth population. Even minors are now reported to be consuming hard-core drugs. Minors do not consume harmful drugs to destroy themselves. They consume these illicit substances unknowingly and face bitter consequences just because they were not educated on the subject.

Cigarettes and alcohol are legal drugs that are widely abused all over the United States. While short-term effects of cigarette and alcohol consumption may not be quickly visible, long-term effects are certainly dangerous. Drug addiction in La Crosse Wisconsin is mostly caused by the present culture of smoking and drinking for every second occasion possible to celebrate or mourn.

Patients suffering from heart disease are highly likely to develop several problematic health conditions or worsen an already messed up health situation. Ill-effects of smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol on minors are most prominent. Substance abuse in La Crosse Wisconsin cannot be prevented until necessary steps to prevent tobacco and alcohol abuse are taken by parents, guardians, and teachers. The consumption of such legal drugs usually leads to the consumption of hard-core drugs, adding to the La Crosse WI narcotic abuse statistics.

Prolonged exposure to legal drugs can also lead to the consumption of illegal drugs after an interval. People begin to consume hard-core drugs when alcohol can no more satisfy their inner urge to feel high. It is due to this reason that alcohol and cigarette are considered the first step on the addiction ladder, which lead to the abuse of hard-core drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, oxycontin, and even prescription drugs. The abuse of prescription drugs is a more upsetting fact than that of hard-core drugs.

Mostly used as depressants, tranquilizers and pain relievers, prescription drugs become a permanent part of an addicts life. Individuals consuming drugs do not aim to destroy themselves. They tend to consume drugs for a supposedly good reason, but side-effects leave several negative effects.

People use drugs to get a temporary and illusionary escape from the harsh reality of their lives. As an addict continues to consume drugs to escape pain and mental suffering, situations in daily life grow worse. The vicious cycle continues until professional help from rehab centers is sought.

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