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Substance abuse in Lynchburg Virginia

The city of Lynchburg is located on the banks of the James River in the state of Virginia. The city has a population of 72596 people and falls in the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Lynchburg, which has an area of 5500 square kilometers. The city is known by many names like City of Seven Hills, the Hill City and A City onto Itself. The city also has many good elementary schools, which have done a great deal to promote quality education in the city. Lynchburg is also the regional center for trade, commerce and retail in the region, which has also promoted growth in the city of late.

There are many things to think about when considering the effects of substance abuse in Lynchburg Virginia. The city has a very large area to manage which makes things very difficult to trace and track down. The city also has a number of interstates that pass through it which also contribute to drug trafficking in the city. There are also areas where sparse populations of people live and these areas are ideal hideouts for DTOs and their operations. The city also has a fair amount of cultivation of marijuana which is also another factor that creates a significant effect.

Narcotic substance statistics in Lynchburg Virginia also indicate that there are many drugs in available in good supply. Heroin and cocaine are two of the most popular and dangerous drugs that are available in the city. The recent rise in meth related activity has also been observed which is also causing a stir. Though the city had seen much meth traffic in the past, it was majorly for transshipment to the bigger cities but of late meth has been made available in the streets in abundance. There are also reports of meth labs in the city limits and within the metropolitan area.

The dual problem of alcoholism and drug addiction in Lynchburg Virginia also exists. The city has a large number of alcoholics and many people often mix alcohol with other drugs, which can also lead to drastic reactions. Violent crime is also linked to both alcohol and drug abuse in the city. There are a large number of teens who often experiment with drugs and alcohol. Modest beginnings from marijuana develop into major tendencies like heroin, cocaine and crack.

The problem of substance abuse in Lynchburg Virginia has aggravated due to the ignorance of common people toward these issues. It is important to accept a recovering user socially and given a place in society so that he or she does not regress. In addition to medication, addicts under treatment also need to attend counseling sessions. These sessions help addicts gain confidence and self-esteem. They motivate the patients to shun the habit of addiction and start leading a healthy drug-free life.

Schools can also do their part by sensitizing the students to the ill effects of substance abuse from an early age.

The rise of drugs does not simply come from the fact that drugs are available but more so form the fact that there is a social stigma created about them.

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