Understanding The Different Types Of Addiction

    People can develop addictions to a wide array of different substances and it can be to illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription medications. Understanding the process of how addiction occurs and evolves and the danger signs to watch for is the only way a person can tell the difference between true addiction and problematic behavior, which is not an addiction problem. With the various different types of addiction, the only way to break the patterns and stop the cycle is by receiving help from a high quality Florida substance abuse rehabilitation center.

    A person can go through the symptoms of addiction for many years without any type of problems developing. For some people, engaging in periodic or even habitual substance abuse and it never turns into an addiction problem, but for others it can happen almost instantaneously. Some people will go through a turning point in life to where an addiction or alcoholism has culminated into a very real problem and something must be done to stop it. Through admitting the problem and agreeing to seek treatment, a person can finally regain control over life again and become clean and sober.

    A person living with an addiction to alcohol will go through a number of different stages and as the disease of alcoholism takes over, the individual changes in every way imaginable. Alcoholism makes a person feel compelled to drink and if the individual does not drink, it can make them feel physically ill. The cravings to drink alcohol will drive an individual to consume alcohol and as the addiction takes over, a person will not be able to stop drinking through personal means. For those that have become seriously addicted to alcohol, it may be necessary to go through a detoxification program before entering into rehab. To conquer an alcohol problem, it is much better to seek the assistance of an alcoholism treatment program than to try and endure the situation alone.

    Another type of addiction a person can develop is to illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, as well as several others. Being addicted to illicit street drugs is a very serious problem facing society today and studies have shown that most people are not able to stop using through their own freewill. When someone uses an illicit drug it is for the “high,” and over time, drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin become both physically and psychologically addictive. As an individual continues to use the drug of choice, the body will become tolerant and more needs to be used to obtain a high. Drug addiction changes everything about a person and makes living unbearably miserable, the only way to overcome the problem is by admitting the truth and getting enrolled into a professional treatment center.

    Controlled substances are drugs that are controlled under government standards or the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). These types of drugs are controlled and regulated through standards or schedules, because of how dangerous they are. Drugs that fall under the CSA are placed in a certain schedule due to medicinal use, potential for abuse, safety and addictive qualities. There are five schedules of drugs with I, being the most serious with a high potential for abuse and no medicinal use. Schedule II drugs have a high potential for abuse, have medical uses and severe dependence risk and include morphine, cocaine, methadone phencyclidine (PCP) and methamphetamine. Schedule III drugs have a lower abuse potential and a moderate risk for physical addiction, examples of drugs in this family include hydrocodone, codeine, some barbiturates and anabolic steroids. Schedule IV drugs have a relatively low abuse potential, medical use and a limited risk for dependency, while Schedule V medications have a low potential for abuse and misuse, limited physical dependency and have an acceptable medical use.

    No matter whether someone is abusing alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription medications, life always follows a predictable course of events. Nothing positive or healthy happens when someone is engaging in problematic substance abuse, life cannot ever be normal and nothing will hold any meaning except using and drinking. To an alcoholic or drug addicted person, the only thing which matters in life is being able to hide the problem from others and making sure things stay as secretive as possible. Substance abuse has become a dependable and predictable part of life and just thinking about giving up alcohol or the drug of choice is enough to make the addict go into a panic mode. Because there are many types of addiction, a person must seek a multidisciplinary treatment program in order to become clean and sober and learn the ability to stop engaging in substance abuse.

    It is thought people can become addicted through a variety of different reasons and it can range from a certain genetic predisposition or may be due to personality characteristics. However, there is evidence to suggest that individuals growing up in homes with an alcoholic or drug addicted parent have a higher chance of becoming an addict themselves. Once a person has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, the only way to beat the addiction is to open up to others and to see the truth of the situation. By seeking treatment for an addiction, a person will go through therapy, counseling, 12-step meetings and other therapeutic options designed to aid in the healing and recovery process.

    Because of the different types of addiction, it is possible for someone to be addicted to alcohol alone, or combine alcohol with other drugs or to just abuse drugs alone. With each different type of addiction, a person will go through cravings, tolerance and dependency, either on a physical or psychological level. The deeper and deeper a person delves into drug and alcohol use, the more serious the situation will grow and the more obvious the problems will become to others involved. Even though friends and family members may know deep down something is very wrong, but even when confronting the addict, the person will lie or deny things are bad. Faced with a life of addiction or alcoholism is no way to live life, it robs a person of everything most dear and cherished. Instead of continuing down this path, it is a much better idea to contact a professional treatment center and go through the needed rehabilitation in order to live a healthy, clean and sober life.

    Types of Addiction


    Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

    "When living with a person who has an addiction to alcohol, families often struggle to find ways to help the addict change and get well...."

    Kick The Habit Of Cocaine Addiction

    "While cocaine can cause euphoria, people who suffer from cocaine addiction also suffer from a variety of negative reactions to the drug — mostly in the form of withdrawal symptoms. Many people become cocaine addicts because....."

    Effects Of Crack Addiction

    "One of the major problems that people suffering from addiction of crack have to deal with is the permanent altering of their brain chemistries. The truth is that crack greatly changes...."

    Treatment For Codeine Addiction

    "The good news is that it is possible to wean yourself off codeine and to beat your codeine addiction. This involves carefully reducing ...."

    The Risk Of Darvocet Addiction

    "Some of the common signs of darvocet addicted people are an inflated sense of self confidence that the user does not usually experience, strangely altered levels of activity: unexplainable stretches...."

    Side-effects Of Demerol Addiction

    "The withdrawal symptoms of Demerol are irritability, inability to sleep, a rapid heartbeat and breathing rate, anxiety and even symptoms that will make the Demerol addict think he has come down with the flu! The symptoms can be hard to...."

    Signs and Symptoms of Dexedrine Addiction

    "Throughout the decades, dextroamphetamine was marketed in various other forms and it soon became apparent that people were abusing the medication, which meant there was a high possibility for Dexedrine addiction...."

    Severe Health Adversities from Addiction to Dilaudid

    "A dilaudid addiction can occur in as little as one to two weeks, even patients following the dosage instructions can experience addiction to powerful narcotic medications...."

    Ecstasy Addiction Leads to many Health Problems

    "Once the drug began to spread to colleges and high schools, the potential for Ecstasy addiction grew exponentially. In the USA, ecstasy has become one of the top four most frequently used drugs along with cocaine, heroin and marijuana...."

    Know the Powerful Sedative Effects of GHB Addiction

    "Because GHB is metabolized so quickly within the body, long term GHB addiction can be hard to detect using regular medical tests...."

    Addiction to Heroin Makes You Closer to Death

    "The more heroin that is consumed and the longer the duration, the more damage that can be experienced and the harder it can be to overcome the addiction...."

    Symptoms and Signs Indicating an Addiction to Hydrocodone

    "Many people with an addiction will travel from physician to physician or fake illness or pain, in order to secure prescriptions for the medication to feed their habit...."

    Taking Lortab On your Own Can Lead to Lortab Addiction

    "For people, who have chronic pain and do not have adequate pain relief, mood swings are common and mental illness can also mimic an addiction to lortab...."

    Adverse Effects of Marijuana Addiction

    "Marijuana addiction is more common than many people think, research indicates that as many as 2.5 million people use marijuana annually in the United States...."

    Negative Heath Issues Related To Meth Addiction

    "Though tolerance to meth is not completely understood, it is known that a person who even has even one dose of methamphetamine can likely become addicted, particularly when the drug is injected or smoked...."

    Addiction to Morphine Means Dangerous Health Problems

    "While there are several studies that contradict one another, all agree that morphine is a highly addictive substance and long-term morphine addiction can cause tolerance which is similar to heroin addiction...."

    Know the Signs and Symptoms of Opiate Addiction

    "Opiate medication slows the breathing and heart rate, depresses appetite, thirst and sexual desires, and the person will display an increased tolerance to pain...."

    Facts and Information about Opium Addiction

    "When introduced to the body opium makes a person feel euphoric and as time goes by the need for more opium grows because of tolerance...."

    Knowledge about the Effects of Oxycontin Addiction

    "Oxycontin should never be used with alcohol; it could result in dangerous side effects and can even be fatal. Opiate medications should never be used without a prescription and never shared with others...."


    Percocet Addiction Produces Severe Health Issues

    "Percocet is both emotionally and physically addictive; it blocks the pain receptors of the brain and causes a user to feel euphoria, which makes it easy to become addicted...."

    Side Effects & Signs of Percodan Abuse and Addiction

    "Percodan can be habit forming and should be used only by the person for which it has been prescribed...."

    Total Info on Ritalin Addiction

    "Ritalin, when used as prescribed and for the purpose it was intended, can be a very effective medication. However, as with any type of amphetamine-based drug, Ritalin also has a high potential for abuse...."

    Rohypnol Addiction and Abuse Information

    "The drug has a long half-life of approximately 18-26 hours, which means after a nighttime administration the effects last throughout the next day...."

    A Comprehensive View on Ultram Addiction

    "Because the drug is habit forming, Ultram addiction is possible for people who misuse the medication for reasons other than prescribed...."

    Detailed Fact Sheet on Vicodin Addiction

    "Vicodin addiction affects the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the addict's life and the lives of those around them...."

    Inhalant Addiction Recovery Guide

    "An inhalant user will experience alcohol-like effects such as slurred speech, balance disturbance, euphoria, dizziness, and lightheadedness...."

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