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Houston Texas Drug Abuse Statistics

Houston 4th biggest metropolitan city in the U.S. and is the biggest in Texas. With a population of 2,242,193, it is in just 6th place for being the biggest metropolitan area in the U.S. It is located in Harris county on the Gulf Coastal and covers a land mass of 601.7 sq miles consisting of 22.3 sq miles of bayous, swamps, lakes and marsh land. Houston was founded in 1836 and incorporated in 1837. Interestingly, it is the birthplace of The Texas Medical Center, the largest health research facility in the world. It is also home to the Johnson Space Center created by NASA.

Beyond all of this though, there lies a deep issue of concern in Houston. This issue is the drug war that is going on within its city limits. There is no doubt that the drug abuse statistics in Houston TX have been an issue for a long while. Houston and its surrounding areas are reported to be one of the most active trafficking areas for drugs coming from Mexico into the United States. These big shipments are the largest of concerns in this area.

Methamphetamine (Ice) is known to be transported and distributed through the city in large quantities. In lesser quantities, heroin, ecstasy and pharmaceuticals are also present. Some drug production such as crack and marijuana is also present in the city.


The transport of these drugs into the city is directly linked to the Mexican drug trafficking organizations. These organizations use their own vehicles as well as public transportation to move the drugs through the city. Highways such as I59 and I10 are common routes used. Sometimes railways such as Amtrak and air carriers like the George Bush Intercontinental Airport are also utilized.


Crack is the drug mainly used throughout the urban parts of this city. It has been directly linked to violent crimes throughout the communities. Ice and heroin are frequently used as well. Ecstasy is more popular among younger generations.


There is a large amount of violent crime related to the problem of Houston Texas drug addiction. Innocent people are shot in drive-bys and homes are robbed by drug users and dealers. Territorial fights break out between drug organizations in the streets that often end in death or serious injuries. Many of the Mexican drug organizations rely on the large amount of weapons being smuggled into the country from Mexico.

Pharmaceuticals narcotic abuse statistics in Houston TX have risen due to the number of robberies that occur at pharmacies in this city. From the Houston Police Department, there were a reported 94 robberies to pharmacies in Houston during 2007. These narcotics are distributed throughout the city and surrounding areas.


There was a 17% overall decrease in admissions to drug treatment centers during 2005 and 2007. Although on a separate basis, numbers for specific drugs varied during this time. Crack, heroin and marijuana in particular experienced a rise in numbers.

Rehab facilities are fighting this Houston Texas substance abuse battle with everything they can. Well-informed staff as well as family support are key to the success of their battles.

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