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Narcotics abuse statistics for Box Elder, South Dakota

A city in the Pennington and Meade countries, Box Elder is home to an estimated population of around 3,517 people according to recent population reports from official sources. Ellsworth Air Force Base is located on the northern side of the city. Nearly 34.18 percent of citys population is below the age of 18 years.

Substance abuse statistics for Box Elder, SD are usually contributed by the most popular drug marijuana followed by crystal meth. These two drugs are also popular in other cities of United States. Prescription drugs like OxyContin, Codeine etc. are not much of a problem in Box Elder. Club drugs are not very popular among the youngsters of Box Elder as well. In fact, MDMA and LSD abuse is quite uncommon in the entire state of South Dakota, United States. In recent times, some cases of MDMA abuse have been reported but their number is almost negligible as compared to marijuana and crystal meth.

Alcoholism and drug addiction in Box Elder, SD or anywhere else in the world has strong correlation with the rate of unlawful activities. In recent years, cases of violent crime, immoral behavior in public and rash driving has increased because of increased penetration of illicit substances. Firstly, consumption of drugs leads an addict to experience reality distortions. It is due to these reality distortions that a sane person begins to behave immorally in public or commits a heinous crime. Secondly, money involved in drug related businesses is used to fund all sorts of unlawful activities in a particular region. This money is mostly handled by Mexican drug lords and local mafias.

Drug abuse in Box Elder, SD is a problem for everyone including the community members, cops and all those who visit the city on some purpose. Exposure to drugs in any form can lead to temptation followed by that dangerous first try.

Best thing to keep loved ones safe from the dangers of drug abuse is to keep them away from places where drugs are frequently sold or consumed. It may not be possible at all times but parents should make sure that exposure to drugs is minimum. When it is impossible to keep a check, parents should observe drug abuse symptoms in the very least. These precautions can help parents to ensure the safety of young ones in the family to a great degree.

Marijuana is fast becoming popular among teenagers. In fact, teenagers seem to neglect some obvious warnings that they understand very well when it comes to drugs like marijuana and meth. Although marijuana is not as harmful as crack or meth but it does lead an addict to an environment where hard-core drugs are consumed. Most of the times, students get introduced to several other people after they begin to consume alcohol or marijuana. Drug peddlers selling marijuana do not sell just one drug. They are the mobile retail stores of death and they provide all sorts of drugs. Chances of a drug peddler provoking a marijuana user to try cocaine or myth are actually very high!

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