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Sexual Addiction Treatment Wisconsin- Relief From Disorder

The majority of people who are not concerned with the field of psychology will feel strange if they come to know about the term sexual addiction. It is really an unmanageable obsession with sex that cannot be controlled easily. It can be just as destructive physically and emotionally as any other sort of addiction can be.

In general terms, sexual addiction can be defined as a disorder distinguished by obsessive sexual acts, behavior and thoughts. For some addicts, their behavior is limited to habitual masturbation or the excessive use of pornography, computer and phone sex services. For others, this addiction may involve some prohibited activities such as voyeurism, child molestation, rape, exhibitionism, obscene phone calls and so on.

It is said that sex addiction is merely a physical and mental release.With all these assumptions and considerations, it is clear that this behavior is not normal or productive for the addict or for the society and hence needs to be treated. With regard to this, sexual addiction treatment Wisconsin has been organized.

Sex addiction may serve as a substitute for an individuals need for affection, love and care. More frequent than not, these people may imply sex in endeavor to find the love they feel they require.In most of these cases, the only enticer is sex, or the possibility through which other intellectual, emotional, or spiritual needs are gained. Sex addiction, like other addictions, possesses the ability to destroy the life of the addict and also those close to the addict.

Many centers are organized in Wisconsin to treat the sexual addicts. Sexual addiction treatment Wisconsin is getting good response from the people as it has helped many to get rid of this disorder. Sexual addiction may lead one towards many serious losses, which are financial due to getting fired from employment for sexual harassment, issues related to health, relationship breakups and so on.

Emotional consequences may include antipathy, depression, suicidal tendencies, guilt, self-loathing, fear, and a reduced sense of self worth. The National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsivity has revealed that about that 6%-8% of Americans are sexual addicts. 28 % of female sexual addicts confessed that they are habitually drawn to pornography. Some studies also discovered that the fastest developing 12-step program throughout the globe involves sex addiction (Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous).

These stats precisely prove that people who are sexual addicts are not intentionally stubborn nor are they what our society calls a slut or "man whore". If these are the stats that are growing higher day by day, it means that people suffering from this disorder need help. The exact cause of sexual addiction is still not clear, just like the causes of alcoholism are not entirely clear. Researchers are still trying to evaluate the exact root, but sexual addiction treatment Wisconsin has already started its work to diminish this evil from the society.

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