Alexandra Lane



Alexandra Lane moved to Delray Beach, FL from Vancouver, British Columbia. 


Alexandra’s paintings portray the stages of working through her own struggles.  Art is therapeutic for Alexandra who says “Art helps me get my feelings out so I can see what they are and then work on the issues.  I put my feelings onto canvas.”  Ms Lane has created over 800 pieces including acrylics, watercolors, and pencil drawings.

Alexandra says, “Many things inspire my paintings, however, my strongest inspiration comes from the very special people in my life whose encouragement to succeed has taught me much and has made me a stronger person.  They are my inspiration.”

Works of Alexandra Lane



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Standing Tall
Hopes Reach
Sunrise Reflection
Kyli's Prayer
Diverse Humanity
Crushing The Past
Palm Tree
Revealing Acceptance
Hopes Reach
Tree of Life
My Best Day

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