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Transformations Treatment Center is one of the leading substance abuse treatment centers in the state of Florida. Our program believes the ability to recover lies within each person; we are there to simply assist in the journey each person makes to have a better life. Transformations provide many beneficial services to our clients and we treat everyone with compassion, respect and specialized care during the delicate transition from addiction to sobriety. Each person is an individual and as such, we respect your rights and strive to make sure you get the specialized attention and support you need.

We take the comfort and dignity of our clients very seriously and strive to provide everything essential a person needs to succeed in becoming clean and sober. Through various different options for treatment, we give clients an individualized approach to substance abuse treatment which few other treatment centers provide. By treating each person uniquely, Transformations strives passionately to preserve the rights, privacy and dignity of each and every client served.

Private Room Drug TreatmentWith individualized programs designed to bring comfort and peace during a person's journey through treatment for an addiction problem, one of the options offered is private rooms for each client. We know that each person seeking help for an addiction problem will go through a variety of different emotions and not all personalities will mesh with one another, which is why a private room can be such a welcomed option. Many treatment centers use a group type of mentality and put people in shared accommodations, we find it is better to offer our clients the option of having private rooms.

Depending upon the length of stay our client needs, having privacy and one's own space can be vitally important. At times when a person is entering Transformations for a 60 or 90-day stay, having a private room can be very important to the individual. When going through treatment, nobody wants to feel exposed, invaded or self-conscious; having a private room offers the individual a retreat away from group activities and provides time for introspection and self-reflection.

Transformations Treatment Center believes that by providing clients with a variety of options and private rooms it helps give the individual the ability to feel at ease during rehabilitation. Our rooms come equipped with a comfortable queen sized bed, personal space and luxurious surroundings complete with and everything needed to create the ideal setting in which to recover. We believe that by providing our clients with peace and serenity, it helps the person to relax and make the most of the treatment experience.

When someone has been dealing with an addiction, the person has been dealing with an exorbitant amount of stress on a daily basis. Addiction takes everything in life and throws it into constant turmoil and uncertainty and we know how this makes a person feel. Transformations Treatment Center firmly believes that once a person makes the choice to enter substance abuse rehabilitation, the environment needs to be calm and serene in order to work effectively. Honoring each person's individuality is one of the core tenets of our program and we find it helps improve our client's success rates dramatically.

Treatment at Transformations takes place in many forms and involves an entire spectrum of programs which are needed to provide the addict with everything needed for recovery. By providing private rooms, we give our clients the chance to personalize their own room and make it more like a home environment. We believe that a person needs to have the familiar comforts of home in order to feel at ease and comfortable within our facility. We allow incorporating pictures and other personal mementos into the living space, which provides the individual with a sense of motivation and well-being.

Privacy is one of the most important and basic of human rights and never is it more needed than at a time of crisis, when someone seeks drug or alcohol treatment. Deciding to get clean and sober is a personal choice and because it can be a highly emotional journey, not all people want to share space with others when going through this difficult time in life. Giving our clients private rooms allows the individual a personalized space which can be a retreat and sanctuary when times get rough and the person feels the need to be alone.

We cannot stress enough how important the needs of our clients are to our staff of caring and compassionate treatment specialists. Transformations knows that the some of the key things to helping an individual recover from addiction is to provide the privacy and programs needed to ensure the person feels secure. Because the journey to recovery is so deeply personal for each individual, Transformations provides the vital balance needed between group and individual activities. We make sure you have the space, time and security needed to make a long-term and complete recovery.

Transformation Treatment Center knows that there are a great number of other treatment programs available in Florida and we also know that not every program is going to be a perfect fit for you. Taking these things into consideration, we invite you to take a look into our programs and see how we differ, the experience and skill we offer and the excellence in care we provide for our clients. All of these things are important to our mission of helping others get clean and sober. We invite potential clients to take a tour of our beautiful center and speak with our experts and specialists, in order to gain a better understanding of how we can truly help you make addiction a memory of the past.

When a person makes the choice of receiving care at Transformations, we make sure each client's safety and privacy is closely guarded. We offer rehabilitation programs for both drug and alcohol abuse with each one tailored to ensure each individual receives the skills and tools needed to emerge from addiction and achieve a healthy life. Transformations Treatment Center provides unlimited support before, during and after the individual has completed substance abuse rehabilitation, which ensures a high rate of success and allows for a complete and total recovery from any type of addiction problem.



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