Pensacola Substance Abuse Statistics


Pensacola is the county seat of Escambia County and also the southernmost city of the State of Florida. Since the city is a sea port on the Pensacola Bay, which connects the Gulf of Mexico, it often becomes a trading ground for illegal drugs. Not only Pensacola but the other cities of the MSA, namely Ferry Pass and Brent also fall into the same problem. The Pensacola beaches of Florida, though known all over the world for their beauty, also play host to drugs being sold by peddlers both small and big. Along with the use of illegal drugs Pensacola is also victim to the abuse of prescription drugs that are much more difficult to control by the authorities.

While the authorities work towards controlling the illegal drug trafficking, they find the prescription drug users harder to locate. These addicts tend to buy these drugs on the internet or worse, still use another persons prescription in order to procure them. This is also why these prescription drugs have earned the name of the Silent Epidemic. Of the 20% people in USA who use these prescription drugs for non-medical reasons, not many have been identified. While many people believe that Pensacola faces only the illegal drug issue; this is not true, since the city has a huge number of prescription drug users too.

In the illegal drug segment the use of Cocaine is very popular in Pensacola. Heroine, crack, marijuana and even Methamphetamine are the common drugs found in this region. In the legal drug section names like Oxycontin, Morphine, Central Nervous System depressants and stimulants are all abused. Alarmingly the abuse seems to be more prevalent in the younger generation as opposed to the older one. Kids in the age group of 18-25 years are trying their hand at the prescription drugs since they find that getting their hands on these is not very difficult.

While the authorities are taking all possible steps to control the situation, the figures continue to be glum. Deaths due to overdose are contributing highly to the Pensacola accidental death statistics. Many patients find themselves in the hospital emergency room due to these drugs. The only ray of light seems to come in the form of rehabs.

Pensacola has grown since the year 2008 when the population of the city was 56,255. While the majority of the people here are Christians, the city also houses a small Jewish community. This is the reason why the faith based drug rehabs of the area are performing very well in combating addiction issues. In fact, there are certain rehabs that are able to achieve a 70% success rate. The 12 step program drugs rehabs of Pensacola are also effective and very often addicts of other regions also come down here for treatment. Be it gender based rehabs or age based rehabs, one can find it all in the Pensacola region. Since treatment is the only option when it comes to drug abuse, these rehabs hold the light of the future in their hands.

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