With the rising problems of drug and alcohol abuse, expert treatment remains a vital need in the United States. Transformations Treatment Center with residential community housing is a comprehensive addiction treatment and long term rehabilitation service for men and women: a substance abuse rehabilitation facility that offers both traditional 12-step and Christian-based rehabilitation programs for both substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

    When you enter your private room in a home like setting at Transformations, you will join a nurturing, supportive community of members we have come to call our ‘Florida Family’. The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support and guidance. Our skilled therapists with an individualized approach to therapy, our home like residences, safe and serene campus environment and our holistic rehabilitation approach at this unique addiction treatment center is a major improvement over other treatment centers who address only the addiction, without providing help for healing the mind, body and spirit of the recovering person.

    Our beautiful home setting is landscaped with quiet sitting areas, a pool and club house with acres of room for sober-living - and is nestled close to the beautiful beaches of South Florida. Located in Delray Beach, Florida, the facility is licensed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and has experience in handling many different types of addiction – from heroin addiction, prescription drug addiction, cocaine addiction and alcoholism to gambling and sexual addiction.


    The innovative programs and services offered are specialized to meet the specific needs of each client individually. We are one of the few treatment centers that offers, on a weekly basis, holistic supplements with documented results.  We incorporate the “Master Holistic Formulations” holistic supplement protocol, a unique approach to rebuilding damaged areas of the body and brain. Through their use, we have significantly reduced or eliminated the need for pain and sleep medications. In addition, clients who experience ADD and ADHD have shown improvement with their symptoms.

    Because drug addiction and alcoholism are complex diseases, the staff and substance abuse rehabilitation specialists at Transformations are equipped to treat not only the disease, but the underlying components as well, using group therapy, individual therapy, biblical counseling, prayer, meditation and other effective methods of substance abuse treatment.

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    Our staff provides guidance

    Transformations Treatment Center is successful because of the professional and compassionate staff, the multi-disciplinary approach to treatment, and the ability to provide each client with the foundation for healing. Each client is given the respect and dignity needed, in order to make the person feel valued and to reaffirm self-worth.

    Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment CenterBecause addicts or alcoholics commonly harbor feelings of inadequacy and guilt, the staff at Transformations works to build trust between therapist and client. In order to heal, an addict must relearn the ability to make healthy choices; learn how to make positive decisions; and be provided with tools to resist the triggers and temptations to use drugs or drink alcohol. Transformations offers life skills training courses designed to help the client learn or relearn forgotten skills that are a normal part of daily life, such as meal planning, grocery shopping, budgeting, job interview skills, effective communication, handling stress and time management.

    Addicts and alcoholics are often in denial about their addictions. Transformations has gone beyond treatment standards by offering each client two one-on-one therapy sessions per week. In therapy, a client works with a licensed substance abuse rehabilitation therapist and uncovers the various factors that caused the person to turn to drugs and alcohol. Because an addict or alcoholic may have suffered some form of past trauma, therapy is a very important part of the healing process and gives the client a better understanding of how addiction and alcoholism happens.

    Our programs are innovative

    Prescription drug addiction has the same problematic consequences as illegal drug or alcohol addiction, although it may have different origins. Pain must be relieved in many cases to remove the need for some drugs. We incorporate chiropractic services, relaxation and biofeedback, and neurofeedback to complement the treatment program, to aid in physical pain, migraine, and headache relief.

    Transformations Treatment Center also implements a highly successful Christian drug treatment Program and Christian alcohol rehabilitation approach which allows Transformations to go above and beyond most of the services offered by a traditional or secular rehabilitation center. Christian Drug Treatment Facility

    One of the most common myths about a Christian drug treatment facility and Christian alcohol rehabilitation is that people are forced to convert or reform their personal beliefs. The premise of Christian treatment at Transformations is to provide fellowship, warmth and compassionate care to those in desperate need. People choose Transformations Treatment Center not only because of the high standard of care provided, but also because of the faith-based approach to addiction recovery.

    At Transformations, recognizing and accepting each person's viewpoint is always respected and valued. A prospective client does not have to be a Christian in order to benefit from the services and programs offered. Both a 12-Step Traditional Program and a Christian Program are offered. The experienced and compassionate staff are available to help each and every single person who desires to enter drug and alcohol treatment, to undergo a life saving transformation and give up drugs or alcohol permanently.

    A Christian based rehabilitation facility provides a peaceful environment, a vital component in addiction recovery. The atmosphere within a drug and alcohol treatment facility should be conducive to healing and allow the client time for inner reflection and self-realization. Making a client feel safe and secure allows the person to open up and share life experiences with others in the same position, and it lets them know they are never truly alone in the fight to become clean and sober.

    Our programs are effective

    When choosing a rehab treatment program for drug addiction or alcoholism, it is very important to check out different facilities in order to find the most effective program. When the wrong program is chosen or the person is treated ineffectively, the results can prove disastrous. Asking questions about the methods and programs used by a prospective rehab treatment program will provide the person with vital information and make the process of selecting a rehabilitation center much easier.

    treatment plans, programs and servicesPeople who choose to work with Transformations Treatment Center report that the treatment plans, programs and services are some of the best in the world of addiction recovery. The long-term success of each client is a testament to the expertise and abilities of the facility.

    Transformations Treatment Center offers relapse prevention programs, 12-step meetings, group/family/individual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapies, life skills courses, spiritual guidance and unlimited support and encouragement for each and every client. People come to Transformations in order to rebuild their lives and embrace help from a higher power. Clients in both the Christian Program and the Traditional Program openly admit there is something miraculous that happens when treated by the expert staff and rehabilitation specialists at Transformations Treatment Center..

    At Transformations, our clients are able to enjoy the finest amenities available, including private rooms, modern kitchens, sports and exercise opportunities, lakeside pool, picnic areas, the relaxing vibroacoustic Serenity Lounge, and much more, all provided standard at the facility.Transformations Treatment Center addiction recovery

    Transformations Treatment Center is one of the forerunners in the world of addiction recovery. Our staff works diligently with each client to provide the skills and tools needed to turn their life around and beat addiction or alcoholism permanently.

    Hope and help abounds at our treatment center, and each client is given the ability to build a stronger, closer, more personal relationship with God. During times of strife or weakness, Transformations understands the need for therapy, faith and prayer and provides the client with the chance to work through the issues in an effective and positive manner with skilled mental health professionals and caring therapists.

    We help with the transition to the regular world

    Far too often, an addict or alcoholic in other facilities receives ineffective treatment and is returned to society before being completely rehabilitated. Without treating the disease of addiction and healing the person as well, many will go back into the outside world before being completely ready.

    Transformations Treatment Center knows how important it is to provide a comprehensive treatment program, as well as an aftercare program. People who have received treatment at Transformations are provided with an aggressive aftercare program in order to prevent the risk of relapse and to better enable the person to maintain sobriety upon conclusion of treatment.

    drug and alcohol treatment aftercare programWe provide one year of aftercare at no additional cost to any client who graduates from our programs. Clients are encouraged to attend aftercare groups, after completing a minimum of 30 days of treatment.

    Transformations also encourages active Family involvement to aid in Relapse Prevention, including our Family Outreach Program and Family Weekends; and Alumni follow up with weekly local meetings, newsletter and follow up.

    For those seeking a way out of the darkness and viciousness of drug or alcohol addiction, Transformations Treatment Center provides the answers. With a strong commitment to the care and well-being of each client, our skilled therapists and caring staff do everything possible to meet the unique needs of each person fighting the disease of addiction. The miracle of healing from addiction or alcoholism is possible!

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"Those Who We Have Lost We Remember Through Our Recovery."

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We enjoy reaching out to those in need. Here are children from Haiti we have had the privilage of sponsoring. Join us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Treatment Overview

With the rising problems of drug and alcohol abuse, the need for expert treatment remains a vital need in the United States. Expert treatment facilities for addiction recovery are located in many states, but Florida treatment centers offer some of the most innovate and effective drug and alcohol treatment available today.


Finding the right Florida substance abuse rehab center can be difficult. There are so many choices! The truth is that before you can really narrow down your choices for a Florida rehab, you should take some time to decide what type of addiction treatment center is right for you.

Drug / Alcohol Treatment

There may come a time in life when someone may feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Something triggers inside the person, and, in a momentary lapse of judgment, it may seem like drugs or alcohol are the answer.

Meet Your Expert Clinicians

Experienced Drug & Alcohol Treatment Counselors with a Christian Drug Track in Delray Beach Florida USA Transformations Treatment Center. Dr. Harold Schwarz, M.D., P.A., Medical Director; Charles Tracy Sands D.C. Chiropractor & Holistic Medicine; Dr. Maureen Esposito, PHD, CAP, LMHC, LMFT, Clinical Director.

Photos of Where You'll be Staying

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is a 30 to 90 day substance abuse treatment center that offers private rooms and is located in Delray Beach, Florida. Christian drug treatment and Life Skills Training are specialties.

Guaranteed Success

Here at Transformations Treatment Center we are proud of our Guaranteed Success Program! Transformations Treatment Center has created a well-developed discharge program for our graduates. Transformations’ Guaranty* We are so focused on helping graduates remain in recovery, that any individual who has graduated from our 90-day program and followed our aftercare program is eligible for an additional 28 eight days of treatment should they relapse within the first year. There is no cost to the individual should they come back for treatment except for detoxification and transportation if necessary.

Why Life Skills is Important

Part of a successful drug rehabilitation program is learning how to live a life of drug abstinence once you have left your addiction treatment center. Transformations Treatment Center has an excellent program to help recovering addicts learn how to re-assimilate themselves into society once they have completed their drug rehabilitation program.

Lifetime Alumni Program

Transformations Treatment Center offers an exceptional Alumni Program and Life Long Support. The Alumni Department of Transformations differs from many of those offered at other drug rehab Florida rehab centers.

Next Step after Graduation

A sober living program is a vital asset to a recovery client in that it provides extra support and motivation; and for some individuals, it can be the difference between success and failure. There are general guidelines and regulations within a sober living facility that must be respected and adhered too. If not, it affects not only the client, but also others in residence as well.

Why Aftercare is Essential

Transformations Treatment Center offers each of its drug and alcohol rehabilitation program graduates one year of free aftercare. This aftercare involves group therapy each week in which recovering addicts and alcoholics can talk about their experiences outside of rehab and work together to help each other deal with the pressures and stressors that exist in the outside world. The Relapse Prevention Skills program at Transformations Treatment Center will teach the recovering person how to recognize the signs of a relapse. Recovering addicts and alcoholics will learn how to acknowledge and work through the major stages of relapse: emotional, mental and physical.

Success Stories

"Once I came to Transformations Treatment Center, I was able to realize how badly my addiction was hurting me and my family. I had been denying..."

Recovery Art Therapy

Alexandra’s paintings portray the stages of working through her own struggles. Art is therapeutic for Alexandra who says “Art helps me get my feelings out so I can see what they are and then work on the issues. I put my feelings onto canvas.” Ms Lane has created over 800 pieces including acrylics, watercolors, and pencil drawings.

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