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Drug abuse statistics for Cleveland, Ohio

A city in the U.S state of Ohio, Cleveland was home to an estimated population of around 433,748 residents according to latest population reports. Countryseat of the Cuyahoga Country, Cleveland was founded in the year 1796. Cuyahoga Country is most populous in country in the state. Citys location being close to Cuyahoga River, it became a manufacturing center since there were many canals and railroad lines around this region. Cleveland has one of the highest crime rates in the United States. Substance abuse statistics for Cleveland, Ohio has been demonstrating alarming trends repeatedly over the past several years but nothing much has been done to keep the figures under control on behalf of the citizens. Cops and other agencies are doing their best though.

The city has been designated as 7th most dangerous city in the United States among all cities with a population ranging from 100,000 to 500,000. For the duration 2005 2006, violent crime rate for nation was almost stagnant but it increased by nearly 10 percent for Cleveland. Murder rates have come down but cases of thefts have increased quiet a lot. A number of criminal cases in Cleveland are attributed to the involvement of various hard core drugs such as heroin, cocaine, meth etc by the law enforcement agencies. In fact, drugs have severe effect on the public health and safety. This is something that common citizens find very hard to understand because statistics make a little impact on their understanding and indirect outcomes of the drug abuse take some contemplation to be able to grasp the idea that drug addiction problems are eating into the national resources.

In Feb 2009, largest drug bust in the history of Cleveland took place. Principal drug of the state of Ohio is marijuana and it is usually supplied by Jamaican and Dominican groups. During the drug bust, more than 3000 pounds of marijuana was seized. A huge marijuana consignment was recovered from a tractor-trailer by the authorities. According the police authorities, marijuana in such large quantities was being handled by a Mexican gang with the help of some locals who belonged to suburban Cleveland. Drug addiction in Cleveland, Ohio is largely caused by marijuana.

In Sept 2010, around 44 pounds of heroin was netted in Cleveland by the police authorities. Seizure of heroin and other hard core drugs in such large quantities have raised alarm bells and authorities are on look out to hunt for the drug distribution mafias. Most of these mafias take the assistance of some locals who are opportunistic enough to sell drugs to people in Cleveland for little sum of money.

Alcoholism and drug addiction in Cleveland, Ohio remains a problem until this day despite the enormous efforts on part of law enforcement agencies due to this very reason. It is simply impossible to dismantle the drug trafficking networks as long as locals continue to help the drug lords and their supportive gangs to distribute drugs in urban, suburban and rural areas of Cleveland. Seizures do send strong messages to the people who sell illegal drugs but their conscience is often taken over by the temptation to make a profit without doing any hard work.

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