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Wilson Substance Abuse

Wilson is a city named after the Louis Dicken Wilson, who was the North Carolina politician and general in the U.S army. Wilson is the largest city in state. According to 2007 census, it has a population of around 105,380 residents. It is a Coastal Plain region of the state of North Carolina, and the county seat of Wilson County. The total area of this city is 23.4 square miles, out of which, 23.3 square miles is land and the rest of 0.2 square miles is water.

North Carolina is facing many issues regarding alcoholism and drug abuse. The increasing statistics of alcoholism and drug addiction in Wilson, NC is a cause of alarm for entire States intelligence.

Distributors of prohibited drugs are mainly target the young community of Wilson, NC. Reports have shown that children as young as 12 years are involved in drug abuse. These criminals are penetrating the state of North Carolina through the borders of Mexico and other southwest regions. They use private as well as commercial vehicles to import and distribute the drugs in the city of Wilson, NC.

The reports related to substance abuse in Wilson, NC, show that marijuana is quite popular among the addicts and is the most widely used illicit drug in Wilson, North Carolina. Drug abuse statistics in Wilson, NC according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 95 million Americans (including Wilson) have tried pot at least once. Among them, three out of every four illegal drug users reported using marijuana within a specified period of about 30 days.

Drug abuse in Wilson, NC demonstrates that these banned drugs are volatile in nature. They are used illegal pharmaceuticals used for non-medical purposes. Illegal drugs vary in type, texture and usage. Drugs which are creeping their way in the streets and society of Wilson include cannabis (marijuana), amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, steroids, Ecstasy and some of the inhalants.

Long-term drug abuse may result in serious physical and mental health problems in patients. Drugs may cause damage to kidney, heart and liver. They may also cause depression, loss of memory or concentration and other psychological and physical damage. Some drugs are taken through injections and many addicts are in a habit of sharing the needles. This leads to transmission of various diseases including AIDS. Some drugs are also known to increase aggression or hostility in patients.

North Carolina State is a victim of the serious problem of drug abuse because of the interstate highways and interstate infrastructure, making it easy for the illegal drug transporters importa drugs in the State. The narcotic abuse statistics in Wilson, NC is also alarming the State Health Agencies, and Police Departments. Wilson Intelligence agencies affirm that at least half of the major crimes and half of the suspects arrested for violent crimes such as assault and homicides in the state are caused by narcotics abuse. According to statistics two-thirds of people in narcotics addiction treatment were physically abused in their childhood. This child abuse is seen as the major contributing factor in high statistics of narcotics abuse in Wilson.

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