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Hobbs New Mexico Narcotic Drug Abuse Statistics

Hobbs with a population of 30,476 is a city located in Lea County. The city has been named after the first settlers of the region James and Fannie Hobbs. Hobbs NM is located in the high plains region of New Mexico State and shares its border with Texas. Hobbs economy boomed in 1928 after oils were discovered in the city. Hobbs NM is frequented by people interested in adventure sports like sail planes and hand gliding. The other places of tourist attractions in Hobbs NM include Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame, Western Heritage Museum and Linam Ranch Museum.

Sharing borders with Texas and Mexico makes Hobbs NM, drug traffickers paradise. Marijuana, heroin and other illegal substances are being brought into the state by many Mexican drug gangs. Narcotic drugs are then distributed on the streets of Hobbs and are also exported to other cities and states of America. Hobbs Police Department drug sweep has resulted in the arrest of various drug dealers selling illegal narcotic substances like cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Meth lab seizures have become a common occurrence in Hobbs NM. Investigation of recent murder cases in Hobbs reveal that many of these crimes are done by the person who had been under the influence of narcotic drugs and alcohols.

Methamphetamine is being brought in the city by various ethnic drug traffickers. Meth is also being manufactured on large scale in the city. Crystal meth which is also commonly called as glass or ice is popular among all the sections of society. Crystal meth is a powerful stimulant which is odorless and colorless. Meth could be purchased from the streets of Hobbs under different names like ventana, batu, shards etc.

More and more people in Hobbs NM are getting hooked to meth drug addiction as this drug is comparatively cheaper than other narcotic substances and produce more intense long lasting physiological effects. When taken even in small quantities, pure crystal cocaine can increase your alertness levels, act as appetite suppressant and could stimulate physical activity.

Meth is often compared with narcotic drug crack cocaine as both are highly addictive, produce same effects and are smoked in a glass pope. Meth is also injected by users to get an instant high and the effects of this drug could be experienced by the users for more than 12 hours. Also when the drug addicts are trying to overcome the habit of crack cocaine narcotic drug addiction or meth substance abuse, they usually experience withdrawal symptoms like paranoia, depression and drug cravings.

According to Hobbs NM Police Department the sudden increase in the number of meth labs in the city could be attributed to the fact that the ingredients and the recipe to manufacture crystal meth is easily available in United States. Also meth production lab doesnt require extensive set up and can be established in small areas like garages, unused sheds or even in hotel rooms.

Presence of various drug abuse treatment facilities in Hobbs could help the citizens of this city overcome the problem of narcotic substance abuse. Timely treatment and support from family could help in turning a drug addict into a productive member of the society.

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