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Alcoholism and drug addiction in Pahrump Nevada

The town of Pahrump is also a census-designated place and falls in Nye County in the state of Nevada. The town has a population of 24631 people and an area of 297.9 square miles. American settlers began to inhabit the lands during the latter part of the 19th century. The town remains unincorporated even today but it is also expanding at a very fast rate. Its population has shown an exponential increase over the last 25 years and the population density today stands at 82.7 persons per square mile. The town has about 10.7% of its population that live below the poverty lines. The town is governed mostly by the county and basic administrative tasks are handled by the city council.

Alcoholism and drug addiction in Pahrump Nevada are two major issues that affect the town. There are many faces and aspects to substance abuse in the town as there are many different drug usages. It is a fairly new problem to come up in the town, as there was not much population to have any major effects even 30 years ago. Today there are many sources of drugs in the town area and outside of it. Though the distances are very large people still commute out of the city to get their drug supplies. There are many nearby cities where drugs are available by choice. Regular drug users also give a boost to drug addiction in Pahrump Nevada by procuring supplies of drugs and selling them.

The different drug abuse statistics in Pahrump Nevada that have been complied also indicate that marijuana abuse is the most widespread among all illicit substances and drugs. The abuse of marijuana is done on a regular basis by people from all ages in the city. There is also a significant amount of home growth of marijuana, which is mostly grown for consumption. There are also rumors within the town that there are small drug labs that manufacture drugs like meth and club drugs. Since the town has a vast area, it is difficult to keep track of all the places.

The abuse of meth of late has also led to a rise in the drug abuse statistics in Pahrump Nevada. Crystal meth is a significant problem in the entire state of Nevada and the region of Pahrump is no different. There are many Mexican sources of these drugs and they use many methods to ship and transport drugs to different parts of the country. There are a large number of locals who are also involved in the trafficking of many drugs across the region.

Alcoholism and drug addiction in Pahrump Nevada are two rising issues in a region where the population is also increasing. There is a lot of development that is being carried on in the area and a possible drawback of the development is that many drugs have also found their way into the town. There are still many things that can be done to prevent drug addiction in Pahrump Nevada from becoming a major problem.

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