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Drug abuse statistics in Elko Nevada

The city of Elko is in Elko County in the state of Nevada. It has a population of 16708 people and an area of 14.5 square miles. The city was founded in 1868 as the eastern end of the Central Pacific Railroad and it was designated the seat of the Elko County in 1869. The city was finally incorporated in 1917.The city is well known to be a source of gold and is a popular tourist destination. There are a number of renowned ranches in the city, which are also a draw for many tourists and visitors alike. There are many festivals that are observed in the city and it has its share of cultural events each year. The city also draws visitors on account of the famously built casinos that it has.

Drug abuse statistics in Elko Nevada indicate that most drugs are available in the city. Marijuana is the most easily and widely available illicit substance in the city and has many consumers of all ages. Other than Mexican marijuana some trace amounts of locally grown marijuana is also available in the city. Substance abuse in Elko Nevada also comprises of a large number of teens who experiment with inhalants and solvents of various kinds. There is also a high percentage of alcohol consumption in the city. DUIs are common in the city especially during the holiday season.

Substance abuse in Elko Nevada is also given a boost by the many tourists who come here. There are some occasions when tourists have also been found in possession of a healthy supply of drugs. There are many holiday parties that are conducted in the city and these parties are also known to have a lot of drug activity. There are a different class of drugs that are offered at such parties and raves. They are known as party drugs, which comprise of drugs like ecstasy, LSD, PCP, GHB and many others. There are a lot of teens and college students who abuse such drugs.

The problem of drug addiction in Elko Nevada has to do with mostly heroin, crack, cocaine and meth users. There is a lot of meth related activity in the region of late and it has managed to find its way into the city too. Heroin and crack cocaine from Mexican sources is brought in mostly by road transport and is extremely difficult to keep track of. Drug addiction in Elko Nevada is also given a boost by the many pharmaceutical drugs that are abused throughout the city. The abuse of pharmaceutical drugs involves a large number of working adults too.

The successful prevention of alcoholism/drug abuse in Elko Nevada can only be done if there is a lot of awareness among the population. There are many ways to spread awareness among the people. Drug awareness programs can be relayed via different means. Working with drug users to help them adjust to normalcy in society is also very important. There are many psychological effects that need to be handled with great care.

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