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Drug Addiction Statistics in Brooklyn Park

Brooklyn Park lies on the west bank of the Mississippi River. It is located on the northwest section of Hennepin County. The south of this place is bounded by Brooklyn center, Crystal and New Hope, Champlin on the north. There is Maple Grove and Osseo on the west. With a population of 71,308, Brooklyn Park is the sixth most populous city in the State of Minnesota. A large section of this population is addicted to drugs. Drug abuse statistics in Brooklyn Park Minnesota state that the incidence of drug addiction is fast increasing here.

The use of illicit drugs causes hallucinogenic and stimulating effects. A large section of the youth is addicted to club drugs and is fond of ecstasy drugs. Brooklyn Park is the entry point for many drugs travelling on these routes to different parts of the state. The drugs are transported by various means in the City of Brooklyn Park. It is a perfect destination for all the drug dwellers. Drug abuse statistics in Brooklyn Minnesota clearly point toward the rise in the number of addicts in the city.

Drugs used prominently in the City of Brooklyn Park are powdered cocaine and crack cocaine. Along with these, methamphetamine, heroin, and other opiates are also abused widely in this city. Marijuana is profusely available and can cause serious effects on the body. These harmful drugs have severe repercussions on the lives of teenagers, as these affect the brain. The physical and mental health of the addict gets disturbed.

Cocaine is carried in small quantities across the border. Alcohol, too, is widely available in the city. Thus the incidence of alcoholism and drug addiction in Brooklyn Park Minnesota is increasing speedily.

The law enforcement agencies are undertaking large-scale operations to purge the area of drugs. These are closely observing drug trafficking activities. Such stern steps on the part of these law enforcers have helped them bust various drug networks working clandestinely throughout the state. The transportation of drugs like cocaine has been carried out by drug gangs and other members of the criminal world. Street gang migration continues to promote cocaine availability. The flow of these drugs continues from Mexico and Columbia. The Brooklyn Park MN narcotic abuse statistics are a piece of evidence in this regard.

The rise in street crime is mainly attributable to the street drug activities. The violent drug-related activities have had a negative impact on society as a whole. Parents in Brooklyn Park are aware of the impact of drug abuse on the lives of their children. Thus it is their duty to make their kids conscious of the repercussions of drug abuse.

In order to bring down the number of addicts, a number of drug rehabilitation centers have sprung up. These rehab centers offer different types of treatment options that suit the addict in the best possible way. Addicts also get the opportunity to meet recovering addicts in rehab centers, which gives them encouragement to fight their addiction. Seeing their recovery, they also get motivated to continue treatment of their addiction.

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