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Alcoholism and drug addiction in Salisbury Maryland

The city of Salisbury is the county seat of Wicomico County in Maryland and has a population of 28200 people. The city is the commercial hub of the Delmarva Peninsula and is often fondly called the crossroads of Delmarva. The economy is cornered around pharmaceuticals, electronics and agriculture. The city is home to a large poultry corporation, the Perude Farms. The city administration takes great pride in organizing yearly gala events which focus mostly on outdoor activities. The city is also a home to many museums and places of historic significance. The city today is a sprawling urban mass which also contains many old houses that still stand even today.

Substance abuse in Salisbury MD is a major issue that needs attention. The city gets its supply of drugs from nearby larger cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia and Dover. The presence of drugs in the streets can be seen in many places. The presence of pharmaceuticals has also adversely affected the city as there is a large number of admissions and incarcerations relating to the use and illegal trade of prescription drugs.

The city has seen disturbing trends among the youth which is of most concern as there is more than 60% of the population that is under the age of 40 in the city. Alcoholism in Salisbury is also an issue that has cropped up many times. The rates of increase of DUI and other offences related to alcohol have raised many alarms in some quarters. Also the much known fact that alcoholism and drug addiction go hand in hand does not help matters as drugs are also freely available throughout the city.

It is mostly the suburban areas that are exposed to most of the drug trafficking and dealing. Substance abuse in Salisbury is mainly seen for heroin, cocaine, cocaine crack, methamphetamines, and party drugs like LSD, MDMA, and also a large array of prescription drugs. Heroin is the most significant threat in this regard followed by prescription drugs.

Drug addiction makes an individual prone to committing violent crime. The high conversion rates between violent crime and drug addiction in Salisbury is well known. The youth are exposed to many drugs like cocaine through dealers who tread around campuses. There are also many dealers who have set up shop in many places throughout the suburban parts of the city which has made it difficult for authorities to seek them out.

Teenagers have shown high numbers in Salisbury for the usage of marijuana. Marijuana which is the most easily available illicit drug can lead to other forms of drug addiction. Prescription drugs are also a major source of substance abuse in Salisbury MD. The presence of a large pharmaceutical industry in the city is perhaps the reason why commonly sold prescription drugs are abused by both the young and even adults of all ages. The use of prescription drugs with alcohol is also seen regularly in the city. This is a very risky mix that drug addicts in Salisbury MD tend to succumb to.

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