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Drug Addiction in Zachary

Zachary, once a small, old-fashioned country town in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, is now a fast growing, up market suburb of the state capital, Baton Rouge. Much of its growth has been attributed to the fact that this suburb is home to one of the best school and education districts in the state of Louisiana. With a population of 15,168 inhabitants, Zachary was named after a local farmer and was established sometime during the late 19th century.

Since it is a suburb of Baton Rouge, it is imperative to examine the impact of drug addiction in Zachary, Louisiana by taking into account its geographical location and parish area. Drug threats in the city are all too prevalent, as the East Baton Rouge Parish is one of the most drug affected regions in the entire state, along with New Orleans. As per the White House Drug Policy report of 2004, over one third of all 12th graders in the area admitted to using marijuana in any form. Though this was a significant drop from the 2002 statistics, the numbers still mirror the fact that drug traffickers in Zachary and Baton Rouge are having a field day in this locality.

Though many people grow marijuana in their own backyards, Mexican drug cartels transport vast quantities of this plant based drug to the main cities of Louisiana, and since Zachary is so close to Baton Rouge, it often finds itself in the midst of a vast drug trafficking operation that spans across the North and South American continents. Mexican heroin, especially the black tar variety, is also found here, though its usage has dipped significantly.

The 2004 White House Drug Policy report also threw light on another disturbing find: inhalants were most abused by kids as young as 13-14 years of age, while 12th graders ended up being the minor group who were most prone to abusing cocaine, stimulants, ecstasy, and sedatives. Additionally, there was a rise in the number of students who were caught selling drugs on campuses and going to classes either drunk or high.

Due to the adoption of NAFTA, numerous Mexican DTOs have exploited the expansive trade routes to the capital and its suburbs like Zachary and are now distributing illegal drugs to street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, and other retailers to expand their businesses. While crack cocaine and marijuana seem to be the drug of choice for street gangs, meth is sold in bulk by outlaw motorcycle gangs.

The citys proximity to Baton Rouge, however, has also lead to the establishment of world class drug rehab centers in Zachary, LA. These treatment facilities have teams of competent staff, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, and counselors who are well aware of the impact drug threats in the city can have on the young student crowd here. Many drug rehabs offer a bevy of services and treatment options at affordable rates so that patients suffering from drug abuse and alcoholism in Zachary Louisiana have access to comprehensive physical and psychological healing programs to overcome their addiction bout and lead healthy lives.

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