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Alcoholism/Drug Abuse Statistics in Nampa

Nampa, with a population of about 81,241, is the second largest city of Idaho and is situated in Canyon County. The city had been named after the Shoshone word, which means footprint or moccasin. Nampa is considered to be the fastest growing city in Idaho. This city was established in 1880s when Oregon Short Line Railroad was established which passed from Granger to Oregon and it crossed Nampa. The city of Nampa was earlier called as New Jerusalem as it had large number of Jew inhabitants. Since 1908 Nampa had been the venue for annual farmers market and harvest festival, a time when entire community gather and enjoy. In 1937 during this annual festival Snake River Stampede Rodeo was organized and the tradition has continued till today.

Nampa ID is often used to symbolize growth in Idaho but with phenomenal progress this city also suffers from the increasing number of drug related crimes. Drug abuse statistics reveal that in Nampa, drug related crime average is way above the state average. Local authorities blame it on substance abuse using illegal drugs like cocaine and marijuana. Alcohol problem is also rampant in the city with teenagers beginning with a mug of beer and soon graduating to hard drinks.

Nampa Police Authorities have been making every effort to clean up this progressive city. It is not uncommon to pick up the local newspaper and read news items stating the arrest of man carrying 160 pounds of pot or marijuana. Nampa ID has also been in headlines because of the arrest of man named Zamudio in June 2010 who confessed of running a meth lab and even agreed to sell a pound or two of meth every month to make his living.

Meth drug abuse is one of the main problems which is affecting the Nampa society. The parents of the city were in for a big shock when police busted a meth lab in the house which was located right across the Central Elementary School. When the meth lab was busted, children of the school saw the man running the lab come out of the house all covered in blood and screaming the world is going to come to an end. Operating a meth lab in the home could be dangerous as not only does the production of meth result in hazardous fumes but there is also a constant fear of explosion and fire breakout.

Besides the commendable efforts made by the local authorities and police department of Nampa ID to make the city substance abuse and alcoholism free, it is also the responsibility of the local citizens to lend a helping hand to the governing bodies. Nampa Police Department has issued a drug hotline number: 463-0139, which should be dialed by the citizens if they find suspicious activities going on in their neighborhood.

For families looking for substance abuse and alcohol problem treatment centers in Nampa, there are good facilities available in close vicinity offering both in/outpatient care as well as residential programs. Join this program or encourage your loved one to make use of these facilities if they are suffering from the problem of drug abuse so that they can enjoy a new life by making their life free from dangerous drugs.

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