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Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid is also known as GHB, the drug is a synthetic depressant which is produced in illegal laboratories all over the world. While GHB is available via a prescription for the treatment of chronic sleep disorders, the drug was banned in 1990 in America, by the Federal Drug Administration. Most GHB found on the streets of America is illegally manufactured and brought into the country from locations across the border. GHB is much like Rohypnol, and considered to be a date rape drug because when it gets mixed with liquids a person does not notice the smell.

People who use GHB, even on an occasional basis are subjecting themselves to some very serious risks and side effects. Date rape, overdose and death can occur, but are not as likely as a person becoming addicted. GHB when ingested on a daily basis has an anti-depressant quality, can be used as a sleep aid, weight loss product and an anti-aging remedy, all of these scenarios are illegal and GHB addiction is the likely outcome. GHB rehab can help a person overcome the ravages of addiction and find a way back to the right path in life.

GHB addicts typically experience episodes of overdose or mini-overdose and need medical treatment immediately. GHB has a steep dose-response curve and even with the presence of a tolerance, the effects of the drug will vary greatly from person-to-person. People may dose in one of two ways, precise dosing at regular intervals every one to three hours or around-the-clock sipping from a bottle of liquid diluted with GHB. Even with precise dosing, GHB is still dangerous. The only way an addict can recover from a GHB addiction is to visit GHB rehab treatment centers and receive treatment, without it the drug abuse continues and the risk of death and overdose increases exponentially.

There is also GHB withdrawal symptoms which occur when the drug is discontinued. Such GHB withdrawal symptoms are first characterized by profuse sweating, anxiety, soaring blood pressure and heart rate, and uncontrollable tremors. GHB withdrawal symptoms usually subside within one to three days, but the second phase of withdrawal is more serious and can include hallucinations and an altered mental condition. All of these symptoms are serious and warrant treatment at GHB rehab treatment centers need to be taken to be monitored and controlled.

Treatment for a GHB addiction needs to take place in a specialty facility designed to treat an addiction of this nature. GHB rehab should include medical supervision, counseling and therapy, coupled with guidance from a team of skilled rehabilitation specialists and medical professionals. This is truly the only way a person will be successful when seeking a life free from GHB addiction. There is help available and a person with a GHB addiction who receives the proper GHB rehab and treatment at Christian drug treatment centers can embrace sobriety and overcome the clutches of drug addiction.

If you or someone you love is facing GHB addiction, remember there is help available from professional and reliable Christian drug rehab and alcohol treatment center. Please contact the Transformation Treatment Center admissions office today.

Transformation Treatment Center, a leading popular Christian drug treatment center also offers rehab programs for Heroin, Methadone, Ritalin, Codeina, Meth, Alcohol, Lortab and other addiction problems.

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