Why A Drug Intervention Is So Important

    Drug addiction is characterized as a chronic disease which affects the brain, central nervous system and other vital organs of the human body. Being addicted means a person has to use the drug repeatedly, due to physical and psychological dependency. The individual is unable to voluntarily stop the cycle of chemical dependency. Drug addiction is a disease of the body, mind and spirit.

    When someone with an addiction problem is confronted by friends and loved ones, the most common reaction is denial. An addicted person is simply unable or unwilling to consider something is wrong. Because of shame, denial and stigma, it can be impossible to admit the truth to themselves and to others. Confronting the addict may create anger and a barrier to communication. An addict has built up a wall and may become defensive, and any attempt to dissuade or convince them to get help is likely to be ignored.

    An addict is accustomed to habitually using drugs, and may resist any type of change. The drug addiction has so completely consumed the person that the ability to see right from wrong is blurred. Nothing anyone can say or do is going to reach the individual, and every effort will be in vain. Feelings of failure and frustration on the part of a family are common.

    What many addicts are unable to understand is that the addiction not only hurts them, but it affects everyone involved in the situation. Families are ripped apart, homes are broken, children are scarred, and lives are forever changed due to a raging addiction problem. Until the person admits the truth and seeks help, life will never change. When every avenue of trying to get the person into treatment has failed, it is time for a different tactic.

    Professional Intervention

    handsWhen an addict has repeatedly refused to acknowledge an addiction problem, and every effort by loved ones has failed to sway a person into accepting the truth, it may be time to bring in the services of a professional interventionist. An intervention is an orchestrated meeting of many people who will attempt to convince an addict to seek professional help. Interventions are very direct and involve the friends and family members coming together to address the plight of the addicted person. The goal of an intervention is to prompt the addict to see the reality about the addiction and to get the individual to seek help.

    Often an addicted person will not agree that help is needed and will refuse any and all efforts to get them to accept treatment. An intervention relies heavily on having family influence in an effort to get not only the addicted person healthy, but also everyone involved. Within the parameters of an intervention, it is very important to approach the situation with honesty, which ensures the dignity and respect of the addict is preserved.

    Everything that happens in an intervention is supervised and facilitated under the direction of a trained interventionist. The interventionist helps prevent a breakdown of communication and protects the interests of everyone involved.

    Prior to staging an intervention, the interventionist will meet with friends and family members to prepare the group for confronting the addict. During the preliminary period before an actual intervention takes place, the group prepares individual letters detailing experiences with the addict and describing the pain they feel because of the situation. The interventionist also advises the group to make a list of things which will no longer be excused or tolerated in the event the person refuses treatment.

    Often an intervention is facilitated without the knowledge of the addict, because the individual may refuse to attend. Sometimes an addict will not agree to seek help during an intervention. At times, an addict may feel hijacked by an intervention and go into defensive mode. However, when facilitated under the skills of a professional interventionist, these types of emotional reactions can be handled effectively. It becomes much easier to convince the addict of the need for professional help.

    An intervention is an extremely important and vital step in the treatment and recovery process. The immediate goal of a professional intervention is to help persuade the addicted individual into seeing the truth about the addiction and to agree to enter into a treatment program. When all other methods have previously failed, an intervention can be extremely beneficial for an addict that refuses to admit there is a problem. An interventionist will assist the addict and family members through the entire process, from the intervention itself to recovery.

    Having the assistance of a professional interventionist also prevents the addict from feeling singled out or as if others have ganged up hands-airon them. It is then easier to keep the situation focused and centered on the important issues involving the addict and the vital need for drug treatment.
    Depending upon what type of substance abuse issue the person has, the goal of an intervention may be to get the person into a rehabilitation program, or to agree to detox, or, if there are other issues presenting, the individual may need a more in-depth, comprehensive program.

    If you are caught in the desperate struggle of trying to get a loved one into a treatment program, then an interventionist can be the answer. Under the care and expertise of a skilled interventionist, an addict will be confronted in a loving, secure environment and faced with the truth about addiction. When an intervention is successful, the chances of the individual agreeing to get professional help are dramatically increased and healing and recovery can finally begin.

    If you or someone you know is facing an addiction, help is available from a professional and reliable drug and alcohol treatment center. Please contact the Transformations Treatment Center admissions office today at (866) 211-5538. We have the advice you need, and can guide you to the most reputable and professional interventionists in the country.

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    Alabama AL

    Many people are realizing that drug intervention in Alabama is one of the best ways in which loved ones can be helped. There are times when the person who is addicted is unable to see reason and is therefore, not in a position to actually think logically. With the kind of effect that the drugs ...

    Alaska AK

    Sometimes it just takes for us to sit up and take notice of what is happening in the lives of our loved ones to make a difference of a lifetime. And this is especially true as can be seen in many Alaska drug intervention cases. Many addicts just seem to carry on with what they are doing and waste ...

    Arizona AZ

    If you know someone in your family that needs to get out of an addiction in Arizona, you should recommend the process of drug intervention to them. Arizona drug intervention is a process in which you can stop the drug addict from getting from bad to worse in the dependency that he has on specific ...

    Arkansas AR

    Drug intervention in Arkansas has helped many drug addicts in recovering from what could otherwise have led to complete destruction of normal life. While there are professionals that can help you in the drug intervention process in Arkansas, the family members need to be completely aligned with...

    California CA

    Drug intervention in California is often the approach that is taken by people when individual family members like parents or spouse have tried to intervene and sort out matters with the addict. The reason why California family drug intervention is a process that is initiated after due...

    Colorado CO

    It is a pity that many times drug intervention in Colorado is used only in an emergency kind of a situation when you feel that a loved one is close to doing something really hazardous. And this is one reason why most of the times drug intervention centers in Colorado are fighting to help people ...

    Connecticut CT

    Many people know about Connecticut drug intervention in a vague manner, and, while the procedure is becoming extremely famous, not many people are aware of the manner in which this should be handled. Drug intervention in Connecticut, like in all other parts of the world is a process in which a group ...

    Delaware DE

    Drug intervention in Delaware is a service that is offered in many centers. Most of the drug rehabilitation centers that are up to date with the procedures that are used in drug rehabilitation have now started to offer these services. Drug intervention centers in Delaware can be found easily on...

    Florida FL

    The drug problem in Florida is reaching levels that it has never seen before. The easy availability of various kinds of drugs is one of the main reasons why there are many teens and students who are taking to drugs these days. A large part of the whole situation has been caused by...

    Georgia GA

    If you are watching one of your loved ones get pulled into the depths due to a drug abuse problem and are wondering what you can do to make things better, you need to read more about the option of drug intervention in Georgia. Drug intervention in Georgia can be planned to help your loved one...

    Hawaii HI

    Drug intervention in Hawaii is the best way of helping someone you love. Addiction is a state of denial. An addict is caught in the web of distorted thinking and is unable to resist temptation. The mental state of an addict presupposes that self help is not an option. Hawaii drug ...

    Idaho ID

    Drug intervention in Idaho is a concerted effort to put an addict back on the road to recovery. The process of drug intervention is most successful if it is started early, before the addict hits the rock bottom. Families sometime commit a big blunder when they wait until addiction has ...

    Illinois IL

    Illinois drug intervention offers promise for people who have unfortunately fallen victim to drug abuse. Drug abuse is basically excessive use of drugs including prescription drugs. It is not difficult to understand why some drugs are available only against a valid prescription while ...

    Indiana IN

    Drug intervention in Indiana is the best way of helping your teen to recovery in the event you find that s/he is showing signs of drug abuse. Did you ever realize why teens are more prone to fall prey to drug abuse? Growing up is a lot of pain, emotional, physical and sometimes even ...

    Iowa IA

    Iowa drug interventions take place on a regular basis because of the rampant misuse of prescription drugs such as methamphetamine. Methamphetamine used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant is an amphetamine derivative available in the form of a crystalline ...

    Kansas KS

    If you have concerns that someone you love is dabbling in drugs it will help you to keep yourself informed about drug intervention in Kansas. However, before you actually jump to a conclusion you need to be very sure about the situation especially if the loved one involved is a teenager. ...

    Kentucky KY

    While Kentucky drug intervention can provide all possible help for getting out of an addiction, people can try to get off drugs or habitual drinking on their own as well. Drug addiction is a bit tricky phenomenon to understand. The biggest problem that comes in the way of seeking ...

    Louisiana LA

    Louisiana drug intervention is something that most of us have heard and also seen high profile rehab centers flashed on TV. What is worse that some of us have either suffered from drug abuse or seen a loved one fall victim to the problem. The sad part is that despite the awareness that ...

    Maine ME

    Is any of your loved one struggling with drug addiction? That can be tough on even the toughest person. It can lead to family tensions, confrontations and you feel powerless at times not knowing what to do. In addition to that, managing withdrawal symptoms can indeed be a nightmare, not only ...

    Maryland MD

    Nobody wants to interfere in someone elses life but when it happens to be that someone you love dearly is in trouble you have to set aside likes and dislikes and go out and help. Maryland drug intervention serves as an important tool for getting your loved one off drugs. Drug interventions ...

    Massachusetts MA

    An intervention is an opportunity to approach your addicted loved one in a new way and staging an intervention in Massachusetts, is often the most profound way of getting through to the person. Trust me, as a former addict, I never realized how much love and concern my family had for me, until they staged an intervention and put everything out there in such a direct manner.

    Michigan MI

    Deciding to undertake drug intervention in Michigan is not something that is easy. It requires a large amount of dedication towards the whole process and you should be ready to give up about a month of your time, if not more towards the cause when you decide to help someone you love with this ...

    Minnesota MN

    If you have decided to undertake drug intervention in Minnesota, it is likely that you are all prepared to spend a substantial amount of time in ensuring that the process is conducted in the right manner, with the right people and at the right time so that it is extremely effective. The aim for ...

    Mississippi MS

    Have you thought about your addicted family member or loved one and been at a complete loss as to how he or she can be helped? Do you want to do something different than you have done before, because all your previous efforts have failed? You have probably heard the saying, "there is strength in numbers," well this is why staging a family intervention in Mississippi, can be a moving and life-changing experience for an addict and it is something which you should really think about doing ...

    Missouri MO

    While drug intervention in Missouri has been practiced in an informal manner for long, the process is just about getting the formal attention that it deserves. Many people have used individual drug interventions in Missouri to try and get the loved one to see the light of day and to understand ...

    Montana MT

    Cocaine is one of the most common drugs that have clutched many people in its hold. The main issue with this drug is that it is commonly and easily available and of late has become extremely easy to acquire due to the low prices too. Cocaine is a drug that induces psychological and ...

    Nebraska NE

    Because I have been through an intervention and lived to tell about it, I highly recommend this course of action for families that have tried everything to make an impression on their addicted loved one. Are you afraid of making the person angry? Pushing the individual ...

    Nevada NV

    Only after my family staged an intervention,was the point of my substance abuse driven home to me. The key to a successful intervention in Nevada, relies heavily upon the skills and experience of the interventionist, the planning involved, the technique used and being totally prepared for whatever may or may not happen.

    New Hampshire NH

    If you are coming from a family who loves an addict, please do not judge the person, expose them to ridicule or scorn and do not worry if they are angry if you hire an interventionist and stage an intervention in New Hampshire.

    New Jersey NJ

    When you see a loved one suffering from all the physical, emotional and psychological negative effects of drug abuse, it is quite intolerable. And the worse of all is that fact that chats, talks and all attempts at trying to help the person may sometimes come to naught. Many parents have tried ...

    New Mexico NM

    Do not be afraid to stage an intervention in New Mexico, because if you do not, you are turning a blind eye at the chance to really change the course of the future for your loved one ...

    New York NY

    When did you become convinced your loved one had an addiction problem? Have there been signs and symptoms of the problem for a long time or is it something more recent? No matter how desperate the situation may seem, I am living proof, through staging an intervention in New York, you can do something to help. Even though I did not ...

    North Carolina NC

    I know you are probably afraid of confronting your loved one about their addiction problem, but if you do not, who else will? You can rely on the experience and professionalism of one of our caring interventionists and your intervention in North Carolina can be successful ...

    North Dakota ND

    They knew I was struggling, they knew I was lost and they knew the "real" me was locked deeply inside, but they did not give up and through their efforts and an intervention in North Dakota, I got my life back again.

    Ohio OH

    Treatment for prescription drug abuse, including addiction to Xanax is handled by drug intervention in Ohio in the same manner as any other addiction. The first step however is to intervene and get the person concerned to agree for treatment. Xanax is an anti anxiety drug of the of the ...

    Oklahoma OK

    Treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction is sometimes neglected and let to progress to dangerous levels. One of the prominent reasons for that is the erroneous belief that treatment will work only if the person wants to. Let it be known that there is a very slim chance of an addict being ...

    Oregon OR

    Instead of wasting your time doing the same thing as you have always done, talking to an interventionist and staging an intervention in Oregon is worth considering, because trust me, it can have a lasting effect on your addicted loved one.

    Pennsylvania PA

    Children and young adults need to be watched closely. Sometimes parents, guardians or teachers may have to don the role of a detective to see what they are up to. Since substance abuse has emerged as a major concern, parents and caregivers need to know the main signs of addiction to drugs. ...

    Rhode Island RI

    When you are serious about staging an intervention in Rhode Island, you should only do it with the assistance, guidance and support of a trained, licensed professional intervention specialist or risk it backfiring terribly.

    South Carolina SC

    Are you worried your loved one will wind up dead and the thought of it is to much to bear? If you are trying to make a real difference in the life of an addicted loved one, considering an intervention in South Carolina is something you may want to do.

    South Dakota SD

    When did you first think about hosting an intervention? Do you know what is involved in the process? Do you even know where to begin looking for an interventionist or how to host an intervention in South Dakota?

    Tennessee TN

    An intervention in Tennessee is an eye-opening event, which is designed to bring awareness to the addict that certain behaviors, habits and actions will no longer be tolerated.

    Texas TX

    Are you sick of being worried to death about the person you love dying because of drugs and alcohol? If so, now is the time to consider the benefits of an intervention in Texas.

    Utah UT

    Leave alone drug abuse, no parent would even think of his or her child going astray. But that is what we see happening everyday all around us. Young boys and girls, just in their teens are getting addicted and throwing away their lives. The sad part is that most parents are at a loss how to help ...

    Vermont VT

    There are several factors at every level of society that expose young boys and girls to the risk of drug abuse. There are risk factors at individual, family, school and peer level that have the potential of making children vulnerable to drug abuse. Unless these factors are checked at the right ...

    Virginia VA

    To properly stage an intervention in Virginia, you need an interventionist, there must be a plan in place and everyone must know their role and be aware of what to expect, this is all done to keep things on a positive realm and to prevent the situation from going badly.

    Washington WA

    Most people who have had to deal with an addict in the family or otherwise have come to believe that drug intervention in Washington is the best way of helping a loved one. Drug intervention is useful when friends and family fail to get the addict to seek treatment or join a rehab center. Once ...

    West Virginia WV

    If the addict gets mad at loved ones for staging an intervention in West Virginia, do not fear, these emotions will not last long, because once the person receives treatment, all these things will be dealt with and handled in an appropriate manner.

    Wisconsin WI

    The longer you ignore the situation and remain oblivious to what is going on, the more deadly it becomes, so arrange an intervention in Wisconsin now, before it is too late.

    Wyoming WY

    Drug intervention in Wyoming is not just a treatment but a set of services that includes long term residential facilities, medical supervision and complete detoxification. First off, we need to know the drug that a person is addicted to because all drug addictions are not treated the same way. ...

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