Why a Single Treatment Plan does not Prove Effective for Every Addict


Various alcohol and drug rehab centers are in a fierce competition with each other and every rehab center in the country is doing its best to provide good treatment to the patients. Treating addiction is a challenging task for the doctors and it takes a lot of brainstorming to come up with a good treatment plan that would prove effective for the concerned addict. Till date, no treatment plan has been labeled hundred percent effectiveand here are some reasons for this:

Every addict has a different reason to resort to drugs and knowing these reasons is very helpful to the doctors. Depending on the causes of addiction, a doctor figures out a treatment plan for the patient. The counselors and therapists can also provide effective treatment to the patient if they know about the reasons of addiction. Some addicts use drugs to get over stress at work while some addicts resort to drugs to run away from family problems. There are certain addicts who just tried the drug for the heck of it and gradually developed a dependency on the drug.

The nature of addiction is another aspect that stops the best possible treatment from being effective. Every patient has a different nature of addiction. Some addicts that come to an alcohol and rehab center are addicted to a particular drug for ages while other patients have been addicted for only a few months. Those who have been addicted for a long time need a more rigorous and comprehensive treatment as compared to those who have just fallen into addiction. Every individual is affected in a different way by drugs. Some individuals develop an emotional dependency on drugs while some addicts develop a physical dependency. This makes it tough for one treatment to be effective for every addict.

There are a large number of drugs that are being used by people in the present era. Cocaine and heroin are two commonly used drugs but there are other drugs like crack, LSD, DMT and ecstacy. Treating a heroin addict is different from treating a crack addict and people who are addicted to a small drug like marijuana undergo a totally different treatment. The number of drugs being used is increasing at a steady pace thus making it tough for the doctors to develop a single treatment plan to fight drug addiction.

Some addicts join a rehab center on their own with a desire to quit addiction while some patients are enrolled by force. The depth of science of psychology comes into picture when treating addiction in various individuals. Various addicts are emotionally at a different level from each other and this makes it difficult for the doctors to derive a particular treatment plan that can prove to be effective for every addict. Those addicts who are willing to co-operate can get done with the treatment in a short span of time while those who are offering no support take a long time to get well.

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