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There may come a time in life when someone may feel overwhelmed and hopeless, something triggers inside the person and in a momentary lapse of judgment, it may seem like drugs and alcohol are the answer. There are various complex and complicated reasons behind why someone will develop an addiction problem and when it happens, Transformations Treatment Center is there to help. Being a leader in both traditional and Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation, we offer clients a variety of different options and innovative treatments to help in the desperate struggle to break the hold of addiction. True recovery comes from within a person, all we do is help along the journey and guide the individual along the path to make it happen.

When someone is suffering from addiction and wants to change, Transformations Treatment Center can be the catalyst a person needs to make it happen. Our clients are provided with programs specially designed to address every single facet of healing and recovery which is provided in a positive, secure and safe environment. Our mission is not only to provide the foundation needed for healing, but also to give the person the chance to experience a long lasting and complete addiction recovery. We have programs which involve life skills, counseling, therapy, nutritional education, fitness facilities and comfortable, modern home-like accommodations. We believe that the treatment experience is as much therapeutic as it is personal, because it allows for us to build a strong, trusting bond between client and clinician.

Transformations Treatment Center offers each client a three-phased program which is designed to address each and every phase of addiction. Depending upon the needs of the client and the recommendations of our staff, the length of treatment can range from 30, 60 or 90-days in duration. We have found using a three-phased approach to treating addiction is the best way to help our clients conquer an addiction and find the path to achieving a lasting recovery, which is the ultimate mission of our treatment center. We, at Transformations Treatment Center, are proud to say that our programs are highly successful and our clients have everything essential to transition from addiction and into a clean and sober lifestyle.

Phase One of Transformations Treatment Centers program is designed for those individuals struggling to stay clean from drugs or alcohol, or for those fresh out of a detoxification program. We employ a 30-day treatment option which can include detoxification services if a person is dealing with a severe form of addiction. Using group and individual therapy, life skills coaching sessions, modern accommodations, health and fitness facilities, convenient transportation services and providing clients with daily sober-based activities shows the individual there are other options in life besides addiction. It is our goal to help each and every client through the treatment process and emerge from Transformations as a clean and sober member of society once again.

Our program's Second Phase is designed for someone that has completed the first phase successfully or for individuals that have been discharged after completing another inpatient treatment program. We know that adjusting to life outside of a rehab facility can be overwhelming to an addict and believe that for those needing more, this is an ideal program. The second phase program offered at Transformations Treatment Center includes a 30-day treatment program, group and individual therapy sessions, health and fitness facilities, comfortable living accommodations and much more. The second phase program is ideal for those that have conquered an addiction but are in need of life skills coaching and relapse prevention education. We provide our clients with programs that emulate real life experiences in order to prepare them for the initial phases of leaving treatment and going back into society.

Our Phase Three program is designed for people that have successfully completed Phases One and Two at our treatment center. When being considered for this phase, most individuals are currently seeking gainful employment or have a part-time job and possibly may be enrolling into a higher education facility. Members that seek Phase Three must be sober for at least 60-days and can then be accepted into the program. We provide our clients with consultation services and will assist in job hunting or help the individual locate a suitable school or training program. The third phase of Transformations Treatment Centers program still includes all the standard offerings of a 30-day program, group and individual counseling, health and fitness club membership, and all other standard services, and is designed to work around a person's schedule.

Transformations Treatment Center has discovered that a multidisciplinary approach and three-phased treatment gives our clients the best possible chance of recovering from addiction and increases the odds of long-term sobriety. We believe that in order to best serve our clients it is important for our program to incorporate "real life" scenarios into the daily treatment experience. We know when our client leave rehab, the transition to a clean and sober lifestyle will be one of the hardest things to get used to, which is why our programs help the individual uncover triggers and stressors which could result in relapse. Relapsing is a normal part of trying to get clean and sober, but with Transformations Treatment Centers help, the individual learns to recognize the warning signs and do something to prevent it from happening.

Our clients all receive ongoing counseling and group and individual therapy sessions, 12-step meetings and relapse prevention education, which we feel allows them to make the most of the rehabilitation experience and makes adjusting to life in the outside world must easier. Transformations Treatment Center firmly believes that each person has the capacity to heal from addiction; recovery comes from within, it is our job to lay down the fundamentals an individual needs to make it happen. Through teaching the skills and tools a person needs to become clean and sober, our programs completely prepare an individual to face the future with courage and a sense of inner strength never before experienced, which allows for a long and successful recovery.

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