GHB Addiction is Best Handled by a GHB Detox Program


Gamma hydroxydutyrate (GHB) and Rohypnol are two of the most common drugs behind a sexual assault known as date rape. GHB is a powerful sedative which reacts on the central nervous system as a depressant and renders the user unconscious for an extended period of time. First manufactured in the 1920s, the drug is naturally made by the body though its physiological function is not known. Back in the 1980s, GHB was sold in health food stores as a performance enhancing substance for body builders; the drug was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration.

People abuse GHB because of how the drug makes them feel, it causes the user to have feelings of euphoria, experience hallucinations and is a growth hormone which stimulates the production of muscles. In March of 2000, the US labeled GHB as a Schedule I Controlled Substance which means it is illegal to possess, sell or manufacture. Currently, the substance is manufactured in clandestine labs all across the nation and with the ingredients being in question, it is very dangerous to use. People can actually become addicted to GHB and when the substance is mixed with other illicit drugs or alcohol, it can result in death, which is why it is not recommended to use it even casually.

Generally, GHB that is made in clandestine labs is made using mysterious ingredients which can be very dangerous to the human body. Recipes for making the drug can be found on the internet and when inexpensive ingredients are used, the drug is unstable and unsafe. The US Food and Drug Administration has issued serious warnings for GHB because it has a high potential for abuse and is a danger to a users health. When someone uses GHB and develops an addiction, the best way to handle the problem is by the person receiving help from a GHB detox program in Florida.

People that use less than a gram of GHB will experience relaxation, loss of muscle tone and a reduction of inhibitions. At an increased dose of 2-3 grams, the user will be more relaxed, experience a slowed heart rate respiration, and the drug will interfere with blood circulation, and motor coordination and balance will be affected. With an even larger dose, a person will experience interference with speech and motor skill control, go into a coma and if mixed with alcohol, it can cause a serious or possibly fatal overdose. A GHB overdose includes respiratory depression, unconsciousness, and coma and eventually if not treated medically, a person can die.

Because GHB is clear and looks just like water, it is easy to put it into someones drink at a party, and the person would not even know. The drug is not only available in a clear liquid form, it can also be obtained as a while powder, which is becoming more commonplace. The effects of GHB on a person include; intoxication, affectionate feelings, increased energy, enhance sexual desire, mental confusion, mild lowering of inhibitions, happiness, talkativeness, muscle relaxation and possibly nausea. When dealing with a GHB addiction, the best thing a person can ever do is check into the services of a GHB detoxification program in order to bring the situation under control and get clean.

Most often GHB is a drug which is ingested with alcohol by young people at parties, nightclubs and raves. While GHB produces some highly pleasurable effects, the drug can be extremely dangerous if taken in larger amounts. The drug can be used as a sedative and some addicts use it to reduce the effects of coming down from cocaine, meth, and LSD because it makes withdrawal symptoms less pronounced and more comfortable to deal with. When mixing GHB with other drugs, it can lead to calamitous consequences and when wanting to get clean, a person should always check into a GHB detox program to handle the problem safely.

Because drug facilitated date rape is made easier by the use of GHB, it is not abnormal for the victim to have little to no memory of the incident and for it to go unreported. GHB can mentally and physically impair an individual to the point of all memory being erased, and the effects are intensified with alcohol being put into the mix. The drug is only detectable in the body for a short period of time and even with a blood or urine test, if it is not done within a short period of time, a person will not even know if they have been drugged or not.

Street names for GHB include Liquid X, Cherry Meth, Fantasy, Salty Water, Sleep-500, and Soap, Georgia home boy, Scoop, GBH, Organic Quaalude, Vita-G and Liquid E. GHB is very common in the southeastern and western United States, but is popping up frequently in many other areas as well. GHB can be manufactured from floor solvents, cleaning products, nail polish and superglue removers, all of which if ingested can be highly damaging to the human body. Though the drug is still used legally in certain parts of the world, the substance is strongly controlled and illegal in the US, where it causes countless numbers of accidental deaths and date rapes each year.

When someone becomes addicted to GHB, it is not a situation which can be handled by most because of the capacity for serious side effects and negative consequences. The drug can cause serious withdrawal effects which can include anxiety, tremors, and tachycardia, hypertension, diaphoresis, and delirium, auditory and visual hallucinations. All of these effects are serious and may require the person to need medical attention, which is why getting help from a GHB detox Florida program is so important. In the middle of GHB withdrawal, a person may be tempted to act out in unsafe and risky ways, which makes the attention of medical and addiction specialists highly beneficial.

Despite what people may hear on the internet and from other sources, GHB is a very addictive drug and should be treated as such. Withdrawal from GHB can be severe and take a long time, depending upon how much of the drug was regularly abused, the health of the addict and how severely addicted the person was before getting treatment. GHB addiction is characterized by a person using the drug consistently and full blown addiction happens in a matter of a few weeks time. It is impossible to know at what point a person becomes addicted, but when use of the drug has become habitual, it is time to seek help from a GHB detoxification program in Florida to get clean.

Occasional use of GHB means the user has lowered inhibitions which could lead the individual to mixing the drug with other substances that can cause serious problems. People using the substance on a daily basis as an antidepressant, sleep aid or for weight loss are at risk of developing dependency, which is on a psychological level. Someone can begin using GHB to feel pleasure and happiness and then the individual is prone to making excuses to justify using the drug excessively, crossing the line into addiction and dependency. People will notice a GHB user will exhibit odd behavior that defies any rational explanation, as use of the substance becomes all important and habitual. When dealing with an addiction of this type, the best thing a person can ever do is to face the situation and get help from a GHB detox center to stop using the drug.

It is not at all uncommon for a GHB addict to experience incidents of overdose or mini-overdoses. The drug has a steep dose curve and even with tolerance, nobody can quite gauge how the user is going to react when taking large amounts of the substance. Addicts will generally dose in one of two patterns which includes using at 2-3 hour intervals and around the clock use, which is the most dangerous because it can lead to an overdose. Even with using what a person thinks may be a precise dose, there is no way of knowing the purity or content of the drug exactly which makes it highly dangerous. Instead of consistently using GHB and possibly suffering a fatal overdose, a person needs to get help from a GHB detox program to avoid becoming a statistic.

When someone has been abusing GHB for a long period of time, there can be detrimental effects to the persons life and health. Though missing a dose of GHB by a mere hour does not seem to cause withdrawal symptoms, within a few hours, a person will begin to go through some uncomfortable side effects of discontinuing the drug. The first side effects of GHB withdrawal can include anxiety attacks, profuse sweating and shaking, an increased blood pressure and pulse and much more, all of these things can be highly uncomfortable and are something best handled by a professional detox program.

A person suffering from a GHB addiction should not think for a moment the situation is normal. When dealing with an addiction to this drug, life will never be normal and the individual will continue suffering from the negative effects of the substance until making the choice to stop. Though it may not seem possible right now, with the right treatment from a GHB detox Florida program and enough time, the goal of addiction recovery can finally happen. Contact a detox program right now and put an effective ending to an addiction that has the capacity to ruin your life.

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