Understanding Medical Detoxification

    Florida is home to some of the best professional detox facilities in the country, with people traveling from all parts of the country to receive the highest quality care. Someone seeking help must consider many questions when deciding to be clean and sober from drugs and/or alcohol.

    What is detoxification?

    Detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of a toxic substance from a living organism. Because of the profound physical and psychological changes a person goes through when addicted to drugs or alcohol, substance abuse detoxification is the only way in which an individual can cleanse the body and return to normal state of balance.

    Drug and/or alcohol detox is the best way to help severe forms of addiction. Numerous studies have shown that ridding the body of the toxins of substance abuse, and entering into a substance abuse rehabilitation program, directly contribute to a successful recovery from substance addiction.

    One of the most important reasons someone seeks help from a professional detoxification program is because many addictive substances can produce a "rebound" effect. There can be a significant return of original symptoms even when the original cause is removed. For example, many addicts experience rebound depression. When a person has been addicted to alcohol, ecstasy, amphetamines, opiates and other drugs, they increase the risk of long-term depression, which can result in suicidal tendencies.

    What are the components of medical detoxification?

    At a Florida detox program a staff of expert medical professionals and drug detox specialists are available to assist the client, monitor the withdrawal process, and ensure withdrawal is handled as safely as possible. Sometimes a protocol for treatment may include the use of pharmaceutical medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Other times a gradual reduction of certain substances will allow a client to wean the body naturally. Though the specific detox treatment will depend upon the type of drug/alcohol used, length of addiction, and the health and wellbeing of a client, most detox facilities will follow a similar program.

    helpEvaluation: When starting a Florida detox center program, a client is tested to see the types and quantity of drugs/alcohol present in the bloodstream. Specialists will also evaluate the client to determine if any underlying psychological issues exist, such as dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders, or mental health or behavioral issues.

    Stabilization: Part of making the client stable is providing information and answering questions so individuals understand what to expect during and after detox.

    Guided into Treatment: The final step of the detox process is helping the client become prepared for life without drugs or alcohol. The detoxification process handles the physical dependency aspect of addiction. Clients are then encouraged to agree to complete treatment at a rehabilitation facility.

    What about withdrawal?

    Withdrawal is a group of symptoms that occur upon sudden cessation or decreased dose of a pharmaceutical medication, recreational or illicit drug(s), or alcohol. Though the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal will vary, some common symptoms are anxiety, cravings, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

    Addiction involves several areas of the brain. Some areas are responsible for euphoric feelings produced during substance abuse. When someone discontinues drug or alcohol abuse, the opposite effect is produced, and a person can instead suffer from depression.

    The amount of drugs or alcohol used and length of time a person has been addicted will play an important role in the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Because of the complexities and potential for danger involved in drug or alcohol withdrawal, no one should attempt to self-detox. Symptoms can rapidly become serious, and, without medical attention, they can be deadly.

    Addiction is characterized by a mental urge or compulsion to use drugs or alcohol in spite of knowing the serious harm and danger, and the behavior will continue long after withdrawal symptoms have stopped. Withdrawal is a serious medical issue, and it is best overcome in an effective and healthy environment by a professional detox program.

    Why consider Medical Detoxification?

    Substance abusers may mistakenly think becoming sober is easy or a matter of willpower, which is untrue. Addiction is marked by handsabstinence and relapse; and until the right professional help is obtained, the cycle can repeat itself this way for years.

    Many addicts do not truly realize how badly their addiction or alcoholism has hurt them and their loved ones. Sometimes it takes the intervention of friends and family members to let the person know how much pain and trauma the person’s addiction or alcoholism has caused and to implore the individual to get treatment.

    The help of a licensed, professional medical detoxification program is a tremendous asset in the life of someone suffering from a substance abuse problem. Studies have shown that with medical supervision, proper guidance and help from a drug and alcohol detox program, followed by treatment in a professional rehab facility, an individual can overcome addiction.

    How can you prepare for Medical Detoxification?

    The most important choice to make when faced with a severe addiction is to commit to getting help. By using a professional detox center you can make sure the process is done properly, in a safe manner, and in a way that makes the situation as comfortable as possible for the client.

    Compassion and empathy are vital when approaching someone with an addiction problem. The individual does not want to be treated with ridicule or made to feel like an outcast. The best approach is to honestly show the addict the negative impact substance abuse has had on his/her life and how it is hurting others around them.

    Providing compassionate support without judgment makes the individual more receptive and agreeable to getting treatment. Once a person has made the choice to become clean and sober, finding a proper way to treat the disease of addiction and/or alcoholism is the next important step. 

    No matter how severe the addiction has become, there is always help. Contact a professional detoxification center now and find out about the various programs and services available. We at Transformations Treatment Center work with only the finest Florida detox centers and a few select centers throughout the country. Do not hesitate to call Transformations Treatment Center’s Admissions Office for advice: 866-211-5538 Call Today!

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