Substance Abuse Statistics in Georgetown


Georgetown is the seat of the Sussex County in Delaware. It was founded in 1791. It has about has 5,233 inhabitants. The town has attracted a number of immigrants because of the large chicken processing plant. It is rich in architecture rich. Colonial era architecture can still be vividly seen in different parts of the city. Drug abuse statistics in Georgetown DA have been pretty higher than neighboring cities in the recent past.

Marijuana is the commonest drug, which is easily available on the streets. Adults show the highest tendencies of long-term marijuana usage. Teenagers are also affected by the easy availability of high grade marijuana. Figures indicate that as many as three out of 10 teens in a high school smoke marijuana more than once. Marijuana is responsible for the high number of cases pertaining to drug abuse in Georgetown. In some states, marijuana is given to some patients as a prescription drug. However, continuing the drug beyond the prescription period leads to addiction. Besides marijuana, there are many other prescription drugs that are abused widely in Georgetown. Prescription drug abuse is more prominent among adults, though the occasional teenager is caught for possessing codeine, Vicodin, or steroids of different kinds. Steroids are commonly experimented upon by teenagers and college students. Georgetown narcotics abuse statistics for minors are actually shocking. A number of young students aged between 10 and 15 have been reported to abuse various inhalants. Used in common household chores, these inhalants are sniffed, snorted, and swallowed.

Methamphetamine is also posing a serious threat to the young population of Georgetown. It is abused both by adolescents and adults. Young adults who belong to the working class are known to succumb to substance abuse. The availability of meth in rural and suburban superlabs that process and distribute meth makes it a dangerous drug. Meth is one of the most abused drug, which is evident from the fact that the maximum number of admissions in drug rehabilitation centers are for meth abuse. Statistics state that almost 50 percent of the addicts enrolled in rehab centers are meth addicts. Meth is also sold on the streets to teenagers and students.

Other most abused drugs in Georgetown are cocaine and heroin, which capture an individuals willpower. These are among the most dangerous forms of drugs. Crime rates have been directly linked to cocaine and heroin users. The working populace is also exposed to some high grade heroin, as it is easily available on the streets through local dealers. Apart from these drugs, another category of drugs is also rampant here. Commonly referred to as other dangerous drugs, club and party drugs, such as PCP, GNB, LSD, MDMA, and other forms of hallucinogenic and psychotropic substances, are easily available during parties and festivals.

Besides, there is rampant alcoholism in Georgetown DA. It is high time the young and adult population understood the negative implications of drug and alcohol abuse on their lives as well as that of their families. An awareness about the threat posed by addiction can help bring down the drug abuse statistics in Georgetown DA down.

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