Christian Treatment Centers In Rockford, Illinois Diffuse The Cost Of Alcoholism And Drug Addiction


The price of addiction is much more than a monetary amount. True, substances cost the United States over nearly half a trillion dollars every year in the form of lost wages and social recovery from crime, physical accidents, health care expenses, and other consequences. Unfortunately, the disease of addiction costs more than diabetes and cancer combined, which is of great concern with many organizations like Christian treatment centers In Rockford, Illinois. Obviously, they see a great need for better care not only with people already dealing with addiction, but with education to help prevent it in the first place.

The cost of treating addicts is a huge burden. It falls on the patient being treated to pay for their counseling sessions and, in some cases, their commitment to a hospital. Obviously, if you have insurance, it can help cover the cost, but in the end it could also raise your monthly premium. You may also have to pay for medical assistance if your recovery requires a prescription. At the same time, binge drinkers will often wake up with a headache or other physical ailments, which also causes them to take other medications. Unfortunately, binge drinking is a common sign that a person might end up one of the Christian treatment centers In Rockford, Illinois.

The larger cost, though, of treating addicts is the one that society pays. People who abuse drugs and alcohol often call in to work, which can affect the bottom line of the business. It might force another employee to work overtime, which costs a company sick pay plus time and a half! Drug and alcohol abuse are also responsible for on-the-job injuries. Many Christian treatment centers In Rockford, Illinois, in fact, treat patients who are required to attend treatment because of workplace accidents. Honestly, there are a great many patients who end up in treatment because of some kind of requirement.

One of the most common requirements for treatment comes out of probation arrangements for alcohol or drug related crimes. It has been reported that as many as 60% of all adults in Federal prisons were put there because of drug-related crimes. This could be violent crimes like theft, assault, and murder, but they could also be simple instances of driving under the influence. Indeed, patients who also have a criminal history are common to Christian treatment centers In Rockford, Illinois.

Unfortunately, though, drug addiction and alcoholism does not only afflict people with jobs and families. At least 30% of Americas homeless population suffers from drug abuse, addiction, or alcoholism. This is a great concern to law enforcement and social workers because a homeless person who falls ill or injures themselves because of intoxication will usually be treated at a hospital at the expense of tax payers. Law enforcement and emergency services are not free after all. If this population had access to Christian treatment centers In Rockford, Illinois, however, they might be able to avoid these problems and furthermore get back on their feet!

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