Enablers and Addiction


Every drug addict usually has an enabler and that person is usually a family member. It is not easy for drug addicts to commit to a program that request discipline, control and structure. This will happen for a number of reasons. The person that does drugs has no order in their life and so they wont know how to implement it unless someone helps them to do so.

The drug addict only thinks about getting high on drugs each day. They are not used to anything else. Life for a drug addict is not eventful unless they are doing drugs. They have no sense of purpose or passion for anything else, but drugs. The family members do not intentionally enable the drug addict, but out of feeling overwhelming empathy for their loved one. Drug addicts will steal from their own relative to get the drugs. They dont care if they work or not.

In a Christian drug rehab treatment program, family members will be equipped with knowledge of what to expect from their loved one if and when they fall back into drugs. They will be aware if their loved one is trying to con them and be able to deny any enabling tactics that may be pulled on them.

It is not unusual for a recovering drug addict to relapse into past activities especially if they have a source of funding from some family member that gets their adrenaline running to go and take the next hit quickly. A faith based rehab facility will help them to become accountable, responsible and honest about their behavior. When a recovering drug addict tries to deceive anyone, the follow up system and therapist sessions will be intensified.

Sometimes, the drug addict does not have a strong enough support system or they did not commit to the treatment program and this will oftentimes be the cause of their relapse. This is inevitably harmful to the drug addict because then it gets more difficult to quit doing drugs. Family members have to stay involved until the individual gets to the point of being independent and more conscious of the subsequent results of going back into drug abuse.

Treatment for Christian drug rehab patients is evident when someone has abused drug for many years. This will help them to move forward and not having to feel guilty and ashamed about their previous drug use. The drug addict will be watched more closely for relapse or their level of commitment. Some have even been reported harming their loved one physically when they cannot get money from them. They will rummage on the streets looking for a way to get the next hit. Some will even pretend to go through the motion to please their family members and then play it safe until it comes time to graduate from the rehab center. Christian drug rehab treatment offers a positive atmosphere where recovering drug addicts can meet up with other recovering drug addicts and share stories in group sessions.

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