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Transformations Treatment Center provides an intense treatment and therapeutic program that includes Christian drug rehab. Clients are offered private accommodations while in treatment that affords them similar comfort as they would probably find in their own home with a queen sized bed and real home setting. Our treatment programs are intended to assist individuals who want to successfully transform their lives and experience sobriety with Christian drug rehab.

The period of treatment ranges from thirty days to ninety days. We have set it up in such a way to involve:

Individual and group counseling as well as twelve step group therapy

Christian rehabilitation groups

Two one hour individual therapy sessions per week

Relapse prevention courses

Health and wellness activities

Life skills training curriculum

One year of free aftercare upon graduating

Additionally, our program allows the addict to participate in aftercare group sessions for a whole year to assist with the prevention of relapse. This group meets three times each week and is available primarily to the client that is able to complete our three phase step down program for ninety days and are still not able to remain sober and clean within the first year after completing the treatment. These individuals can come back and participate in this program for 28 days at no added cost.

Our services include a wide range of therapeutic programs and Christian drug rehab that meets the needs of the client. We ensure that treatment is customized to the client’s needs and that the client receives the right tools and resources to enable sobriety, healthy relationship building, and gainful employment and to be entirely independent.

We have experts with experience in inpatient treatment and transitional housing element, who have designed our three-phase step down program. We have evaluated both elements and witnessed their successes and failures. Armed with that information, Transformations Treatment Center has taken the better of the two elements to make sure that the program is effective and efficient.

Christian drug rehab has incorporated its success to include both alcoholics and drug addicts alike. By the completion of the program, those who are affected by addiction will really want to end their habit to be transformed to a new way of life.

Transformations Treatment Center knows how important it is to find the cause of addiction and why the client is unable to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Therapists are involved in this process and each client is able to confidently discuss their particular situation. The client receives individual therapy, after which, education is provided to help the client to abstain from drugs and to maintain their sobriety.

Transformations Treatment Center is able to save client’s life from addiction. Many have had such a positive experience that they have gone on to lead normal lives. It is the turning point for a lot of individuals who have returned to their families in a better condition. Some have developed into productive citizens of society due to the assistance received from their therapist in helping them to work through their issues.

Christian Drug Rehab Treatment

Transformations Treatment Center provides the traditional program as well as a faith based option that most clients take advantage of. The faith based program is centered on Christ as a means for clients to recover from their addiction and to have fulfilling hope that they did not have before. Christian drug rehab treatment program has shown a high success rate and so the employees at Transformations Treatment Center are confident about the success of this program that they have implemented.

It has been proven that individuals who go through a faith based program for their addiction are more than likely to prevent relapse and remain sober. Christian drug rehab treatment creates success stories for their clients.

While participating in the program at Transformations Treatment Center, clients will be taught and participate in the following:

Individual Counseling

As mentioned above, clients are able to meet with counselors on an individual basis to assist them with overcoming their addiction. Transformations Treatment Center is fully committed to providing the necessary resources required to help their clients to be psychologically empowered to defeat the deadly onset of addiction. The therapist meets with each client and gives hands-on attention along with a specific treatment plan that targets the client’s particular situation. Once the client understands the motivation for their destructive behavior, they will be better able to embark on a life of sobriety.

Group Counseling

Transformations Treatment Center makes it possible for clients to meet in a group setting when it comes to therapy and counseling. We believe that group counseling is a crucial aspect of Christian drug rehab treatment. Some may have trepidation when it comes to meeting in a group, but once they try it, they soon realize that it is most effective to share experiences with others that have a similar story. Group counseling helps to build solid and lifelong relationships where clients can help to offer support to each other.

Pastoral Counseling

Transformations Treatment Center offers pastoral counseling to its clients. In fact, it is the basis of what the Christian drug rehab program is all about. We consider the Christian ideals to be the foundation that the client needs to not only find the truth, but also to be shaped by the truth into becoming clean and sober. With the help of an in-house pastoral staff, the client is able to be prepared for life after treatment. The client will be taught how to pray and how to utilize the Bible to search for the inspiration that will be needed to fight against the temptation of relapse.

Faith Based Twelve Step Program

Many Christian drug rehab centers have adopted the Twelve Step Program functionality. However, not many have created one that is faith based. Transformations Treatment Center combines the normal Twelve Step program features with Biblical teachings to help the client to remain sober and clean.

Attending Church

Clients are welcomed to attend church services provided at Transformations Treatment Center. With regular attendance of church, clients are given additional support, structure and a sense of trust.

Chemical Dependency Education

If Christian drug rehab education was not provided in a faith based environment, Transformations Treatment Center would not be able to assist clients with remaining sober and clean. The client is taught how their choice drugs affect their physical body and how vital it is to stay away from chemical dependency on any type of addictive substances.

Transformations Treatment Center opens its doors to people of any faith. We do not hold any discrimination against anyone nor do we endorse specific beliefs as being dominant over another. Our treatment program is centered on the Christian faith, but will always welcome anyone who wants to participate in our program.

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