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Studies have shown that people who choose a faith-based approach to addiction recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober. The Christian Program at Transformations Treatment Center is composed of professionally trained clinicians who are committed Christians. Individuals in treatment and their families can be assured that our treatment will not conflict with Scripture. Our staff is dedicated to providing Christ-centered counseling and the integration of sound psychological practices in the recovery process. We provide individualized care and group therapy to treat the entire person physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Individual Therapy – Individuals participate in one-on-one sessions with committed Christian clinicians. Each person is presented Biblically and psychologically sound guidance throughout the recovery process.

Group Therapy – Participating in group therapy allows an individual to develop new ways of relating to themselves, others, and God; as well as to learn how a supportive community is key in relapse prevention.
In addition to participating in our traditional treatment groups (i.e. Life Skills, Relapse Prevention, Addiction Education etc), we offer a substantial curriculum of Christ-centered groups. Here is a brief outline of some of the Christian topics that are covered during the course of treatment:

Life Stories / Christian Testimonies – Individuals are assisted in sharing their Christian life testimony and the redemptive power that can be found in their brokenness.

Boundaries, A Christian Perspective – Individuals understand unhealthy boundaries in their lives and apply Biblical principles to setting reasonable boundaries in order to have a more fulfilling life.
Curriculum adapted from Dr. Cloud and Townsend’s Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No 

How To Structure The Decision Making Process From A Christian Perspective – Groups incorporate daily devotionals and disciplines for real life changes.
Curriculum adapted from Dr. Karl Benzio’s Within Reach-Disciplines For Real Life Change and Stepping Stones Daily Devotional.

A Christ-centered 12-Step Process – Individuals are helped to successfully integrate Biblical principles and the traditional 12-step process.

Lessons Learned from Biblical Characters – Lessons are learned from the narratives of different Biblical characters, including overcoming dire circumstances, forgiveness, grace and trusting God. 

Addiction and Grace – Each person explores the physical, spiritual, psychological, and moral components of addiction and the addictive cycle from a Biblical perspective.

The following are offered to help individuals make the most of their time in the Christian treatment program:

Celebrate Recovery / Traditional 12-Step Meetings – Individuals participate in Celebrate Recovery associations at local churches to fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power through Jesus Christ in our lives. Each person is also required to take part in traditional 12-step recovery groups. Celebrate recovery and other Christ-centered support groups are simply not as wide spread as traditional 12-step groups (AA, NA etc). It is vital for successful recovery that our Christians in treatment feel comfortable recognizing their "higher-power” is Jesus Christ and be able to express their faith as part of the traditional model of recovery.

Inner Healing – At TTC we use guided imagery, inner healing and EMDR with spiritual principles.

Bibliotherapy – for those interested in helpful reading materials, including suggested scriptures.

Church – Each person is provided the opportunity to attend weekly Church services. According to the research of Kendler, M.D., and Myers, M.S. from the American Psychiatric Association, church attendance is one of the most consistent predictors of abstinence from substance use. We believe that Christian community is one of the best ways to help prevent relapse and support people in living a transformed life. We currently attend the Avenue Church, as our home church:  http://theavenuechurchdelray.com/, along with several other area churches in a rotation to provide our Christian clients with different exposures to The Word.

Daily Quiet Time – Every person allocated time daily for reflections, prayer, devotions and study.

Communion and Baptism – We offer communion and baptism through our affiliated local churches for those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support and guidance.  At Transformations Treatment Center, we can help you. Our homelike residences help us provide a safe and serene campus environment. Transformations’ skilled therapists, their individualized approach to therapy, and our holistic rehabilitation philosophy make this unique Christian addiction treatment center a major improvement over other treatment centers.  While others address only the addiction, we help heal the mind, body and spirit of the recovering person.  

We know you’re in pain. We can help.

If you or someone you know is facing an addiction, help is available from a professional and reliable Christian drug and alcohol treatment center. Please contact the Transformations Treatment Center admissions office today at (866) 211-5538.

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