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Rehab Treatment for Teens

During the teenage years, life can be quite difficult.  Many teens are worried about who they are taking to the next big dance, what college they will be attending after graduation or studying for an important test, not to mention the peer pressure they face on a daily basis.  The stress can sometimes seem overwhelming at times for a teen and when drug or alcohol addiction enters into the picture, everything the teen has worked so hard to achieve can be destroyed, in the blink of an eye.  At a rehab that specializes in the treatment for teens, they can learn to live life again without the negative effects of a chemical addiction. Some parents are not sure what the symptoms are of teen addiction.  Below are some of the most common warning signs. But, a parent should also note that some of the behaviors listed can also be considered normal teenage behavior: Sudden changes in personality Anger and moodiness Loss of interest in friends and/or hobbies Change in friends Secretive behavior A change in physical appearance, such as grooming becomes lax or weight loss Sudden drop in grades Legal troubles Stealing from friends and family Extreme changes in appetite Not acknowledging household rules, such as chores or curfews Wearing long sleeve shirts or sunglasses, at in appropriate times to hide physical signs of drug abuse or bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils Difficulty concentrating Disciplinary problems at school   Often among teens, there are underlying issues that cause them to start using alcohol or drugs.  Peer pressure, the loss of a loved one, a failed relationship, mental illness and stress, are just a few the reasons that a teen abuses drugs or alcohol.  Before the teen realizes it, they are addicted to alcohol or drugs and are too ashamed to ask their parents for help.  A rehab center for treating addiction in teens is very different from a facility that treats adult addicts.  Treatment for teens differs, because they have a tendency to have more family issues and psychological problems that go undiagnosed, than do adults.  Their substance abuse patterns are also different from that of an adult.  An adult will generally have one substance of choice, while a teenager tends to abuse multiple substances.  Teens also favor group therapy over individual counseling sessions during treatment. Adults that have completed a rehab program can change their personal environment or change their residence.  Teenagers do not have that luxury.  For these reasons if there is dysfunction in the family, it is much more difficult for the teen to stay sober after they have completed treatment.  That is why a good aftercare program that involves family member participation is essential to the teens continued sobriety. When a teen is addicted to drugs or alcohol it can destroy their chances at a healthy and productive life.  Entering an adolescent into a rehab treatment for teens can help stop this self-destructive behavior and finally help end the addiction problem once and for all.  With […]

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