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The effect of Opium depends on how it is administered into the body of the patient. It works faster when it is smoked as the opiate chemicals pass through lungs. It is here that they are rapidly absorbed by blood vessels (capillaries with a wall of just one cell) and send the toxin to the brain.

Opium’s effects will occur much more slowly when it is eaten or instead mixed in a liquid like alcohol. This is because the drug has to pass through the stomach and  intestines (as opposed to the lungs) before passing into the liver and then moving on to the brain. This process of digestion weakens the Opium drug as it passes through the many organs, before ultimately being absorbed by the bloodstream of the body.

An Opium ‘high’ is quite similar to a heroin high, in the sense that it creates a euphoria that people desire. The addict will experience a rush of pleasure, one of the many Opium effects on the body. This euphoric feeling will be followed by an extended period of relaxation and complete freedom from any anxiety or worry.

The relief of physical pain is another one of the Opium effects on the body. Breathing will slow down and the pupils of the eyes become very small. In terms of the brain, Opium binds to the receptors that have been created by the addiction, in a search for pleasure-enhancing endorphins.

As the Opium floods these new receptors in the brain, it will produce a higher state of pleasure than the body can produce on its own, creating the toxins by itself. Opium effects also include the inhibitation of muscle movement in the bowels, ultimately giving the addict constipation, or even the inability to have a bowel movement at all. The Opium drug effects the part of the brain that controls coughing.

Especially when the Opium drug is smoked, it can dry out the mouth completely, as well as the mucous membranes in the nose. Opium effects on the body can last for anything up to four hours, though of course it depends on the amount of the drug taken.

When a person begins to take the Opium drug, and experience the Opium effects on the body, they enter into a cycle which becomes incredibly hard to break.

Continued and excessive use of an Opium drug will produce two effects. The first effect will be the creation of a tolerance. Tolerance is the need for greater dose of a substance in order to achieve the same euphoric high the addict achieved the first time they took the drug.

The second effect is a dependence on the drug. This dependence is both physical and psychological, and creates a constant craving for the drug and the toxins it will bring into the body. This cycle becomes particularly hard to break as more of the drug will be desired, creating a worse tolerance and further addiction. Often addicts will look to other drugs, too, in order to fulfill their addiction. Only rehab centers will be able to deal with this problem efficiently, effectively and safely.

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