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Addiction Rehab

    What is Addiction?

    People develop addictions to a wide variety of different substances and behaviors.  It can be to illicit drugs, alcohol or prescription medications or destructive behavior such as compulsive gambling or compulsive sexual behavior. With the various different types of addiction, the only way to break the patterns and stop the cycle is by receiving help from a high quality addiction rehabilitation center.

    Types of Addiction

    Alcohol. A person living with an addiction to alcohol will go through a number of different stages. As the disease of alcoholism takes over, the individual changes. Alcoholism makes a person feel compelled to drink, and if the individual does not drink, he may feel physically ill. The cravings to drink alcohol can drive an individual to consume alcohol, and as the addiction takes over, he will not be able to stop drinking through personal effort.

    Illicit and illegal drugs. Another type of addiction a person can develop is to illicit drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, as well as several others. Being addicted to illicit street drugs is a very serious problem. Studies have shown that most people are not able to stop using through their own free will. Over time, drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin become both physically and psychologically addictive.

    Controlled substances. Controlled substances are drugs that are controlled under government standards or the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). They may be used in hospitals and under strict medical supervision. These types of drugs are regulated because of how addictive they are and because of the danger of abuse.

    Sexual and Gambling Addiction

    Sexual addiction is a compulsive and escalating pattern of sexual behavior acted out despite negative consequences.  Signs of sexual addiction include indulgence in pornography, multiple anonymous partners, cyber sex or phone sex or any unsafe sexual activity.  Addicts may suffer emotional, physical, financial and even legal harm due to their addiction.  Relationships can be destroyed.

    Gambling addiction, or “problem gambling” is gambling behavior that disrupts your life.  Gambling may have become compulsive.  Some signs include an obsession with gambling, the need to bet more money more frequently, anxiety when not gambling, and the need to “win back” money lost, despite an increasing accumulation of negative consequences.

    How Does Rehab Work?

    A treatment and rehabilitation program is designed to help clients beat their addictions. Such programs may be secular (traditional) or faith-based (Christian).   Both Christian and traditional substance abuse treatment programs can be effective, and often they are dual diagnosis facilities so that they can help with sexual and gambling addictions as well.  Whichever type of program a person chooses for help, the program should be credible, with a skilled and professional staff and a proven track record of success.  Knowing what questions to ask and what to look for is key when trying to find the right facility. Transformations Treatment Center can help you find the right program for you or your loved one.

    Adolescent Programs

    An adolescent substance abuse program is a place that is equipped to handle young adults, normally those 13-17 years of age. Some facilities might have a lower age range, but the programs and services offered are designed to help younger men and women during one of the most crucial times in life. Some teens have a difficult time adjusting to high school.  Turning to drugs or alcohol seems like a natural solution, when in reality it only leads to further problems. Seeking help and finding the right program is the only way for a young person to get better and beat drug or alcohol abuse.

    Adult Programs

    In contrast, an adult substance abuse treatment center is able to provide help and care for those people who are over the age of consent. Adults face a wider array of problems associated with drug addiction or alcohol abuse, and they require specialized treatment.

    How the person is treated, and what methods and modalities are used, can only be determined after a medical evaluation and intake interview with a treatment specialist. This process is private and determines just what treatment is right for each individual.

    The person will be able to enter either an inpatient or outpatient program.  He or she will receive other services in order to help them resist the temptations of drugs and alcohol, and they will learn better coping mechanisms and behaviors.

    Finding A Treatment Program

    Drug and alcohol treatment centers are located in various cities all over the country. Finding one can be as simple as searching the phone directory, using the internet or asking for a referral from a licensed medical professional or trusted friend.  Transformations Treatment Center can help.  Give us a call today.

    Long Term Treatment

    Long term substance abuse treatment works best for those people who are suffering from drug addiction or alcohol abuse, and who may have had multiple relapses in their striving for recovery.  Addiction to drugs or alcohol dependency can be difficult for a person to beat without the benefit of a long-term, inpatient treatment program.

    Professional treatment can make the difference between life and death for someone who is stuck in the vicious and dangerous cycle of substance abuse. 

    Receiving treatment for drug or alcohol abuse is a commendable decision and should be encouraged and supported.  When a person commits to getting clean and sober, a strong support network helps ensure success and decreases the risk of relapse.

    At Transformations Treatment Center we are committed to helping you overcome your psychological addiction as well as any physical addictions.  Counseling is a necessary component of achieving sustained abstinence. Our highly trained counselors are dedicated to helping you understand the psychological roots of your addiction.

    The road to addiction recovery takes immense strength, courage, support and guidance.  At Transformations Treatment Center, we can help you. Our homelike residences help us provide a safe and serene campus environment. Transformations’ skilled therapists, their individualized approach to therapy, and our holistic rehabilitation philosophy make this unique addiction treatment center a major improvement over other treatment centers.  While others address only the addiction, we help heal the mind, body and spirit of the recovering person.  

    We know you’re in pain. We can help.

    If you or someone you know is facing an addiction, help is available from a professional and reliable drug and alcohol treatment center. Please contact the Transformations Treatment Center admissions office today at .

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