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    Many of the addicts need intervention to stop their addiction in order to save their lives. If there is no intervention then the life of the addict will end in prison or death. Intervention is the process where a recalcitrant addict is brought to the stage where he agrees to undergo treatment for his addiction. Only treatment at a suitable rehab such as the Vermont addiction recovery center can take care of this addiction and affect a recovery since addiction alters brain chemistry and creates total dependency.

    A number of methods of treatment were and are still being tried out some were not successful and were discarded such as forced imposition of abstinence and punishment. Some programs like the 12 step recovery program still endure and are popular in a number of Vermont addiction recovery centers. This 12 step program would comprise the following steps.

    First, the addict accepts his addiction and admits this is causing him, his family and his friends as well as society untold harm. Then he admits he is not capable of handling it himself and needs external care and treatment.

    Then the addict surrenders himself totally to the forgiveness and acceptance of God, trusting him to cure the addiction

    The addict vows to seek forgiveness from all those he has wronged and to make amends.

    The addict agrees to have a mentor and guide to show him the right way

    He undertakes and resolves to be a better person and goes through some of the previous steps all over again.

    Such a therapy involves openly admitting ones shortcomings and crimes in a group and seeking acceptance and support of a group which is vital in this process. A large number of people have been cured through this 12 step program and will vouch for it.

    However some critics have described this as a process where a person with a headache has to hit himself on the head with a hammer to cure himself.

    So not all Vermont addiction recovery centers follow this and have developed a better therapeutical approach based on understanding, comfort, love, sympathy, understanding and encouragement for the addict instead of recrimination and accusation as in the 12 step method. Such modernistic methods have obtained higher success rates. A self motivated and accepted addict will strive for betterment.

    Thus the addiction recovery center helps the addict to get out from their addictions. The addicts would become normal people and perhaps they would need to continue some medicines for the betterment of their health.


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